1949 Delphine X U-10 U.S.A.
  >Delphine X Length - 38ft 2in
Beam - 8ft 4in
Hull - Multi-step
Detail - Blue upholstery
Driver - Benny Hill
Mechanic - Ed MacKenzie
Power - Two V-12 Allisons
  >Delphine X  
  Demonstrating the radiotelephone (a first use)  
  >Delphine X  
  >Delphine X  
  Delphine X Crew  
  >Delphine X Driver - Bill Cantrell, Danny Foster, Guy Lombardo, Horace Dodge Jr., Lyle Ritchie, Horace Dodge III
  At the Harwood Trophy  
  >Delphine X  
  Finishing the Harwood Trophy (Around Manhatten)  
  >Delphine X  
  At New Martinsville, W.Va.  
  >Delphine X  
  Maple Leaf Classic, Windsor, Ontario. Horace Dodge III on deck.  
  >Delphine X Driver - Walt Kade, Horace Dodge Jr., Lyle Ritchie