1958 Miss Pay'n Save U-47 Seattle, Wa.
  Miss Pay'n Save Owner - Hydroplane Inc. [Anderson, Stoen & Ausland]
Hull - 3 point hydroplane
Designer - Ted Jones
Builder - Les Staudacher
Length - 30ft
Beam - 12ft
Weight - 5,980
Power - V12 Rolls-Royce Merlin
Detail - Pin-stripes on tail later
Driver - Al Benson
Colors - Mahogany with Blue & Gray
Best finish - Ninth [Seattle & Las Vegas]
  Miss Pay'n Save  
  Miss Pay'n Save  
  Miss Pay'n Save  
  Miss Pay'n Save Drivers - Chuck Hickling & Miro Slovak
Won the Apple Cup Race in Chelan, Wa.
  Miss Seattle Too U-47 [Name Changed between Seattle and Reno]
  Photo not availabl5 Owner - The Stoen Bros.
Colors - Mahogany with Red & White trim
Driver - Dallas Sartz
Best finish - Third [Las Vegas]
  Miss Seattle Too Colors - Red & White; checkered tail
Drivers - Dallas Sartz & Norm Evans
Won the Diamond Cup in Idaho
  Miss Seattle Too Driver - Dallas Sartz
  Miss Seattle Too Best finish - Fifth [Coeur d'Alene & Seattle]
  Miss Seattle Too Drivers - Dallas Sartz & Bill Brow
Colors - Same but with White sides
Best finish - Third [Coeur d'Alene]
  Miss Seattle Too Boat was destroyed in Seattle at the Gold Cup Race; Dallas Sartz was injured
  Miss Seattle Too