1962 Notre Dame (4) U-7 Detroit,Mi.
  Notre Dame (4) Owner - Shirley Mendelson McDonald
Designer & Builder - Les Staudacher
BuiIt mostly of aluminum
Length - 30ft
Beam - 12ft
Power - V12 Allison
Detail - Drop sponsons
Driver - Col. Warner Gardner
Colors - White Blue with Gold
Detail - No trim on hood
Best finish - Second
  New boat with Les Staudacher Shirley Mendelson McDonald  
  Notre Dame (4)  
  New boat not fully detailed  
  Notre Dame (4)  
  At first race (Coeur d'Alene)  
  Notre Dame (4) Driver - Warner Gardner
Detail - Stripes on tail
Best finish - Third (Guntersville & Washington DC)
  Notre Dame (4)  
  Detroit (3rd)  
  Notre Dame (4)  
  Detroit (3rd)  
  Notre Dame (4)  
  Seattle (4th)  
  Notre Dame after 1963 fire  
  After a testing fire on Lake Washington (December 1963)  
  Notre Dame after 1963 fire  
  Former Thriftway crew chief Jack Ramsey holding burnt seat Bill Muncey was sitting in before the boat caught fire.  
    Rebuilt as two-seat, high-speed pleasure boat. Did not race
1965 Shu-Shu U-5  
  Shu Shu Driver - Jim Miller
Colors - Mahogany deck
  Shu Shu  
  Shu Shu  
1966 Miss Budweiser (No U Number)  
    Display; Did not race
1967 Miss Budweiser (5th) U-12 Florida
  Miss Budweiser (5th) Owner - Bernie Little
Detail - “A” added to tail at Tri-Cities
Detail - "Salty's" on the tail at Seattle
Power - V12 Rolls-Royce Merlin
Colors - Gold, Red & White
Drivers - Roy Duby & Mike Thomas
Crew Chief - George McKeman
Won - Kelowna race in Canada
  Miss Budweiser (5th)  
  Miss Budweiser (5th)  
1969 Miss Budweiser II (1st) U-13  
  Miss Budweiser (5th) Driver - Fred Alter
DNF - Guntersville
1970 Burien Lady U-4 Burien, Wa.
  Burien Lady Owner - Robert [Bob] Murphy
Colors - Blue turtle deck; lace trim on tail
Driver - George Henley
Power - V12 Allison
Best finish - Second
  Burien Lady  
  Burien Lady  
  Smyth The Smoother Mover U-4  
  Smyth The Smoother Mover Driver - Bob Miller
Detail - "SmYth" on tail fin
  San Diego; Only 1970 appearance under this name  
  Smyth The Smoother Mover Driver - Terry Sterett
Detail - Aqua cowl
Colors - Red trim on tail
Best finish - Fourth
  Smyth The Smoother Mover Driver - Chuck Hickling
Best finish - Ninth (Seattle)
  Smyth The Smoother Mover  
  Smyth The Smoother Mover  
1973 Bob Murphy's Marine U-4  
  Bob Murphy's Marine Driver - Chuck Hickling
Detail - "Go Mercury" on the tail
Best finish - Thirteenth (Tri-Cities)
  Ms. Greenfield Galleries U-4  
  Ms. Greenfield Galleries Driver - Chuck Hickling
Detail - Shield on tail fin
Best finish - Fifth (Seattle)
1974 No Smok'n U-18  
  No Smok'n Pre-season
  Kirby Classic U-18  
  Kirby Classic Display; Did not race
  Kirby Classic  
  Mallory's Red Ball Express U-19  
  Mallory's Red Ball Express Best finish - Twelfth (Tri-Cities)
1975 Oh Boy Oberto (1st) U-4  
  <strong></strong> Detail - Super Salami in the North; Beef Jerky in the South
Drivers - Chck Hickling & Bill Wurster
Best finish - Seventh (Tri-Cities)
  Oh Boy Oberto (1st) "Super Salami" (Tri-Cities)  
  Oh Boy Oberto (1st) DNF
  Oh Boy Oberto (1st) "Beef Jerky" (Phoenix)  
1976 Oh Boy! Oberto (1st) U-8 Seattle, Wa.
  Oh Boy! Oberto (1st) Owner & Driver - Bill Wurster
Colors - Red, White & Green
Best finish - Fourth (San Diego)
  Oh Boy Oberto (1st) "Super Salami" (Tri-Cities)  
1977 R. Mikulski Advertising (2nd) U-10  
  R. Mikulski Advertising (2nd) Driver - Tom Martin
Color - Blue & White
Best finish - Eleventh (Tri-Cities)
  R. Mikulski Advertising (2nd)  
  R. Mikulski Advertising (2nd)  
  Seattle ("Heidelberg" on hull)  
1979 Evergreen Roofing U-10 Chelan, Wa.
  Evergreen Roofing Owner - Norm Evans
Driver - Mark Evans
Color - All Green with White letters
  Evergreen Roofing  
  Evergreen Roofing  
    Boat at the “M&M“ Marina at Lake Chelan
    Boat in the Hydroplane Museum in Seattle, Wa.
    Boat was moved many times
1999 Miss Budweiser U-1  
  Boat was rebuilt back to the Miss Budweiser By the H.A.R.M. in Kent, Wa
  Boat played a part in the Movie "Madison"
2000 Miss Budweiser (5) U-12  
  Boat was in the Museum for a while
  Exhibition in Seattle  
  Coeur d"Alene Exhibition  
  At Seattle in 1975 trim  
  Owner - John Goodman Seattle, Wa.
  Lake Chelan, 2014  
  Lake Chelan, 2014