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Doug McIntosh Remembered

Doug McIntosh
Doug McIntosh

Doug McIntosh, a dear friend of power boat racing, passed away on December 29, 2002. For three decades, Doug made his presence felt in both Unlimited and Unlimited Light racing as an owner, shore mechanic, and internet promoter of the sport.

This writer first made the acquaintance of this friendly hard-working man at the 1973 Seattle Seafair Regatta when McIntosh was a crew member for Bob Gilliam's Sunny Jim (U-88) racing team.

Between 1976 and 1978, Doug owned two Unlimited hydroplanes. These were the former Tahoe Miss of 1963 and the former Miss Miami of 1971. Operating on a small budget, the McIntosh boats aided many regattas by their participation and helped to fill out many fields when racing needed boats in the pits.

His Unlimiteds used names such as Vagabond, Miss Detroit Radiographic, See Saw, Elliott Dog Ration, Sizzler, City of Kent, and Kirby Classic.

Doug finished fourth in the 1976 Tri-Cities race with Bob Miller as driver, fifth at Detroit in 1978 with Tom Martin at the wheel, fifth at Madison in 1978 with Martin, and fourth at the Tri-Cities in 1978 with Miller.

Over the years, McIntosh never strayed far from the sport that he loved. Whenever a boat crew needed assistance in the pits, Doug was always happy to lend a hand.

In recent years, despite ill health, McIntosh maintained a number of internet websites for various Unlimited Light teams. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the fledgling Unlimited Light Hydroplane Racing Association.

Doug's last hurrah as a boat racer occurred in 2001. He finished fifth in Unlimited Light High Points with his variously named UL-14 hydroplane. His drivers included the likes of Wayne Howard, Mike McLellan, Dennis Macy, and Mike Chasin.

Salute and farewell, Doug McIntosh!