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Jim Sedam Remembered

Jim Sedam
Jim Sedam

Former Unlimited hydroplane sponsor and owner Jim Sedam passed away August 1, 2012, at King's Daughters Hospital in Madison, Indiana. Jim and his wife Nancy were active in the sport between 1979 and 1987.

Jim's first involvement was as sponsor of the Madison-based Miss Kentuckiana Paving that was owned by Bill Cantrell and Graham Heath and driven by Jon Peddie.

Sedam made his debut as an owner in 1983 with the original Miss Tosti Asti that was driven by his friend and neighbor Todd Yarling of Hanover, Indiana. The boat was a 1956 vintage Les Staudacher hull that had campaigned in 1974 as Bob Schroeder's CU-22.

In their first race together, Sedam, Yarling, and Miss Tosti Asti finished third in the 1983 Missouri Governor's Cup at Lake-of-the-Ozarks.

Jim purchased a new Allison-powered cabover hull from builder Jon Staudacher in 1984. Sedam raced this hull every year between 1984 and 1987 before selling it in 1988 to Jim McCormick and Bob Fendler. This boat raced under various names, including Chet's Music Shop, Cellular One, and Eagle Snacks.

Following his retirement from competition, Sedam served as a consultant to the Miss Madison team.

The Unlimited hydroplane fraternity extends deep sympathy to the family of Jim Sedam.

Fred Farley