Lee Taylor

Big Wind on the Water [1964]

Lee Taylor prepares to fan a new world's speed record out of American waters with his thrusty jet-propelled Hustler

Harvey Aluminum Hustler, Lee Taylor
If lines account for anything, Lee's Hustler with hull by Rich Hallet and alloy superstructure formed by Willie Sutton is a record-smashing cinch. Hallet's crisp design is based on proven hydro configurations as Banzai, Golden Thing.

Low in lake, with 6 inches draft, Hustler rises 40 inches out of water. Length is 30½ feet; 6 feet shorter at waterline. Beam to the polyurethane foam-filled sponsors is 8 feet. Dry weight comes in at 4,420 lbs. and holds at 5,000 lbs. with driver and fuel load.

Hull construction by designer Rich Hallet of Downey, Calif., is in aluminum extrusions and sheet, with oak, spruce and birch added. Fuel capacity is 60 gals. in rubberized cells supplied to burners in turbine section of engine by neat system of pumps, hoses and valves. Afterburner-equipped J46 expels 6,200 lbs. thrust at over 10,000 rpm with top of 10,000 horses when wind is up.

Center engine supports are of trunnion design to permit pivoting, use of adjustable rear mount. Oil tank is for needed engine lubrication. Mobil battery handles initial spark, pumps, etc.

Titanium thrust deflectors provide only steering; no rudder is used. Afterburner tests melted first. set, bid Taylor is confident 300 mph can be reached minus burner. Record is 260.35.

(Reprinted from Hot Rod Magazine, June 1964, pp.91-2)