1903 Racing Season Summary [Greene]


1. July 11 Harmsworth Trophy Queenstown, Ireland
2. July 11 Yachtsman's Club Queenstown, Ireland
3. August 13 Atlantic Yacht Club Seagate, New York
4 . August 29 Brooklyn Yacht Club Brooklyn, New York
5 . September 5 American Yacht Club Milton Point, N.Y.
6 . September 12 Knickerbocker Y.C. College Point, N.Y.


  Date   Winner Driver
1. July 11   Napier I Seaton Edge
2. July 11   Thornycroft Launch J.E. Thornycroft
3 . August 13 # Standard E.A. Riotte
4 . August 29   Radios Herbert Leighton
5. September 5 # Standard E.A. Riotte
6 . September 12 # Standard E.A. Riotte
    # 60 foot class


  Built   Boat High Points  
1. (1903) # Standard 99
2. (1903)   Napier I 26
3. (1903) # Adios 21
    # 60 foot class


    Driver High Points  
1. # E.A. Riotte 99
2.   Seaton Edge 60
3. # Herbert Leighton 21
  # 60 foot class


Since there was a dearth of major league boats in 1903, non major league boats are figured as an entry defeated although not listed in the standings for the year. This is special rule to provide clarity for 1903. In the following years only major league boats are counted as an entry defeated.


The national high point championship was inaugurated in 1947 by the A.P.B.A. Over the years according to the rules formulated a win in a 90 mile gold cup over many other entries would count as much as a victory in a 15 mile free for all with only a couple of major league boats as competition. As a result the author came up with the boats beaten times distance method for the years up to 1947 and then thereafter to 1956 since races were still of starkly differing levels of competition. The official a.P.B.A. Standings appear in Volume II. Before 1953 these standings were formulated by the author since they appear nowhere else.

To give an example of the boats beaten times distance method in 1949, My Sweetie would receive 810 points for winning the Gold Cup, but only 80 for winning the Imperial Gold Cup. The Gold Cup was 90 miles as opposed to only 20 for the Imperial Gold Cup. My Sweetie defeated eight entries in the Gold Cup while only three in the Imperial Gold Cup. Sweetie gets credit for entering the race plus credit for each boat defeated factored by the distance traveled.

— David Greene

[Statistics and text from Greene, Volume 1]