1904 New Rochelle Yacht Club Regatta

Hard Boiled Egg Wins

Mrs. W. K. Vanderbilt Jr. At The Auto Boat's Wheel

Best Time Made By Japansky

No Records Broken At New Rochelle Yacht Club Races But New Vessels Show Up Well

Mrs. W. K. Vanderbilt Jr. steered her husband's new auto boat, the Hard Boiled Egg, to victory yesterday in the power boat races held under the auspices of the New Rochelle Yacht Club, over a nineteen-knot course, starting from Echo Bay and rounding a buoy off Mott's Point. The autoboats went over the course twice, and there were over a dozen of them divided into the different classes. Although Mr. Vanderbilt's boat won in her class, the time was not such that her enthusiastic owner can be particularly proud of. Perhaps, however, realizing that he was practically a winner in his class, Mr. Vanderbilt raced more for amusement than for time records.

A few minutes before the committee gun to start was fired Mr. Vanderbilt, who had been running back and forth, trying out his boat, brought his low-lying craft close to the black hull of his turbine yacht Tarantula, and Mrs. Vanderbilt jumped aboard. She was clad in a long black cloak, and wore a green veil tightly drawn over her face. Throughout the whole race she kept her place well in front of the boat, and on the last quarter mile Mr. Vanderbilt gave up the wheel entirely and allowed his wife the honor of dashing over the line first in her class by over nine minutes, as the Shooting Star was the only other boat to finish of four starters.

Mr. Vanderbilt's time for the nineteen nautical miles was 1:20:03, although his actual time was two minutes less, but that was his own fault, owing to unnecessary delay at the start. His time, therefore, was about 14 1/2 knots an hour, much poorer than he did last week at the Columbia Yacht Club. This is, however, the first victory for the Hard Boiled Egg since she was launched, but her engines are going to be thoroughly overhauled before she starts in the Challenge Cup races this coming week.

Mr. Vanderbilt's actual running time was exceeded by the Japansky, the only one in her class, and which went over the course in the fair time of 1:09:30, about 16 2-5 knots an hour. This was easily the best time of the day, but it was not so good as the same boat did in the Manhasset Bay Yacht Club races, where her average was close to 18 knots.

The Queen, owned by J. J. Amory, made her best showing of the year, and won handily in her class, beating the Miss Swift, sailed by Robert Jacob, on time allowance.

The Queen Bess, a big cabin boat, sailed by her owner, R. H. Stearns, who had a party of ladies on board, made a notable victory in her class, doing the nineteen miles in 2:12:58, but sufficient to win by a big margin from the Aletes II. The Queen Bess has won three firsts in her motor-boat races this season, a record that stands alone. She is a handsome-looking boat, and for practical purposes is one of the most serviceable power boats seen this season.

The races were well managed, but a few of the boats made mistakes in rounding the wrong buoy on the first turn and had to be disqualified. Summary:

CLASSES O, P, Q, R Course: 19 n.m.
   Start Finish Time Cor'd Time
Japansky, F. H. Waldorf 2:35 3:44:30 1:09:30 1:09:30
CLASSES S, T, V Course: 19 n.m.
Hard Boiled Egg, W. K. Vanderbilt Jr. 2:40 4:00:03 1:20:03 1:20:03
Water Lily, Frank Seaman 2:40 Did not finish
Shooting Star, H. A. Lozier Jr. 2:40 4:10:44 1:30:44 1:29:50
Dolphin II, Harold Brown 2:40 Disqualified
CLASSES A, B, C, D Course: 19 n.m
Aletes II, R. C. Fisher 2:45 4:55:09 2:10:09 1:44:33
Queen Bess, R. H. Stearns 2:45 4:57:58 2:12:58 1:29:10
Allure, Alex Stein 2:45 Disqualified
CLASSES H, I, J Course: 19 n.m
Miss Swift, Robert Jacob 2:50 4:13:00 1:23:00 1:23:00
Ardis, R. M. Haddock 2:50 4:22:26 1:52:26 1:31:56
San Toy II, W. H. Barrow 2:50 4:35:39 1:45:39 1:23:53
Queen, J. J. Amory 2:50 4:14:00 1:24:00 1:15:30
CLASSES K, L Course: 9½ n.m.
Teaser, W. W. and A. C. Hinch 2:55 4:12:38 1:17:38 1:17:38

(Transcribed from the New York Times, June 19, 1904, p. 8. )

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[Note: The New Rochelle Yacht Club, on Harrison Island, was destroyed by fire in 1926. --LF]