1905 Columbia Yacht Club Regatta

Challenger is Beaten

Panhard II Defeats Brokaw Boat on Time Allowance in Columbia Races

Motor Boat enthusiasts who have been looking forward to the races of the Columbia Yacht Club, more than realized their expectation of good contests yesterday afternoon on the Hudson River. They saw a number of interesting events, all well contested and spirited, although the water and wind prevented anything like record time. Considering the conditions, the time made was very fair indeed.

The main interest centered in the showing of the Challenger. The Brokaw boat was pitted against A. Massanet's Panhard II and was beaten on time allowance by 5 minutes and 1 second.. The Panhard had an allowance of 12 1/2 minutes, so the showing of the Challenger is well regarded. She averaged 2 minutes and 28 seconds, while the Panhard averaged 3 minutes and 4 seconds. Two of the Challenger's miles were times at 2:01 each.

The races were run over a six-mile course, two miles upstream with the wind and tide from Eighty-sixth Street to One Hundred and Twenty-ninth and then three miles downstream to Sixty-sixth Street, and one mile back to Eighty-sixth. This course was traversed twice by Classes I and J and three times by the others.

It so happened that twice when the Challenger was coming downstream, there were New York Central trains coming down on the east bank. On both occasions, although the flier had to plow against the ride and wind, she left the train behind.


CLASS J - - 12 nautical miles
Boat Owner Start Finish Elapsed Time
The Reliance A. Z. Stratford 2:35:54 3:54:21 1:18:27
G.S.M.S. A. McDougall 2:35:00 4:18:56 1:43:56


CLASS I - - 12 nautical miles
Simplex C. R. Mabley 2:50:40 3:42:47 0:52:07
Mary C. G. Gates 2:47:38 3:50:55 1:03:17
Santoy II W. S. Barrows 2:47:08 3:55:40 1:08:32
Skibo Bess M. Jermys 2:37:00 Did not finish


CLASS C - - 18 nautical miles
Queen Bess P. R. Branson 2:55:57 4:23:47 1:27:50
Alishe P. R. Branson 2:53:00 4:27:51 1:34:51


CLASS B - - 18 nautical miles
Argonaut G. Piel 3:43:48 4:18:24 1:18:24
Beldame H. A. Lozier Jr 3:14:02 4:20:29 1:06:18
Green Dragon G. W. Baxter 3:09:56 4:22:44 1:12:48
Lucania Jr. W. J. Hewlett 3:00:12 4:33:34 1:33:16
My Lady F. Klewing 2:58:00 4:41:53 1:43:53


CLASS R - - 18 nautical miles
Panhard II A. Massanet 3:30:00 4:25:13 0:55:13
Challenger W. Gould Brokaw 3:42:37 4:30:14 0:47:57


CLASS S - - 18 nautical miles
Colonia F. G. Bourne 3:15:00 4:21:45 1:06:45
Mercury H. T. Ottman 3:28:42 4:29:33 1:01:51
Shooting Star H. A. Lozier Jr. 3:25:12 4:33:57 1:08:39

(Transcribed from the New York Times, June 4, 1905, p. 21.)