1906 August Regatta at Netley

Motor Yacht Club

This club held a very successful regatta on Saturday off Netley, the courses being laid in close proximity to the floating clubhouse in Southampton Water. There were five events on the programme, and all filled well, the entries numbering over 40, though there were numerous absentees. The chief race was for M.M.A. class D boats over 1,000 rating for the Enchantress Challenge Cup. Four boats competed, the cup being won by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu and Mr. Lionel Rothschild's Yarrow Napier. The Sultan of Johore's Challenge Cup for cruisers was won by Mr. S. F. Edge's Napier Major, subject to one of the competitors being measured. A race for auxiliary sailing yachts was won by Captain E. T. Dixon's Penguin, and a turning, reversing and starting race by Mr. A. G. Fentiman's Javelin. Details:

Race for M.M.A. Class D. over 1,000 rating. Course 18 sea miles

First prize, Enchantress challenge cup and gold medal; second prize, 12£ ; third prize, 6£ .


Motor Yacht Owner
Yarrow Napier Lord Montagu of Beaulieu and Lionel de Rothschild
Napier III Lord Howard de Walden
Rose-en-Soliel Lord Howard de Walden
Daimler I Lord Howard de Walden
Daimler II Lord Howard de Walden
Hutton II Mr. J. E. Hutton


The two Daimler boats were absentees. Rose-en-Soliel was first across the line, but Hutton II, with more way on, soon overtook her, but gave up early owing to mechanical troubles. The Napier boats were late in starting, but they soon got to the front and led to the finish. The elapsed times were:

  M S   M S
Yarrow Napier (winner) 51 8 Rose-en-Soliel 50 0
Napier III (2nd prize) 56 5    


Race for M.M.A. cruisers, Classes 1, 2 and 3. M.M.A. restrictions, rating, and time scale;

Course, 8½ sea miles;

First Prize, the Sultan of Johore's [hereditary seat and the sovereign ruler of the Malaysian state of Johor — LF] Challenge Cup; 2nd prize, 6£; 3rd prize, 3£.


Motor Yacht Rating Owner
Swiftsure 20:8 Mr. J. D. Siddeley
Napier Major 15:08 Mr. S. F. Edge
Sea Urchin - Mr. Stuart Forster
Wanderer - Mr. Geale Dickson


Swiftsure was a non-starter. Sea Urchin led at the start, but was overhauled and passed by Wanderer before the end of the first round, Napier Major being gradually dropped, but subject to the measurement of Wanderer being correct Napier Major won on time.

The elapsed times were:---

  H M S   H M S
Wanderer 1 12 10 Napier Major (winner) 1 45 45
Sea Urchin 1 15 5    


Race for M.M.A. Classes A, B, and C, not exceeding 1,000 rating. M.M.A. rating and time scale. Course, 11 1/4 sea miles

First prize, challenge cup presented by Mr. Bircham, and 5£ ; 2nd prize, 4£ ; 3rd prize, 2£ ; 4th prize, 1£.


Motor Yacht Rating Owner
Quicksilver 439:36 Mr. J. M. Gorham
Fleurette 115:3 Mr. O. B. Colls
Eileen 28:8 Mr. J. D. Siddeley
Javelin 78:03 Mr. A. G. Fentiman
Iris II 297:92 Mr. G. J. F. Knowles
Ful Sked - Mr. W. Miall-Green
Scud - Mr. Stuart Forster
Albatross 57:93 Mr. Geale Dickson
Defender 187:53 Mr. F. May
Dion Bouton 12:69 Mr. J. S. Holmes
Maudslay 58:34 Mr. C. Maudslay
Commander 38:55 Commander M. Cumming
Veradaise 13:49 Mr. T. Thornycroft
Nautilus 14:71 Mr. T. Thornycroft


Eileen, Ful Sked, Scud, Albatross, and Defender were absent. Maudslay broke down and did not finish.

The elapsed times were:---

Quicksilver (2nd prize) 43 36 Commander (3rd prize) 1 21 38
Iris II 56 40 De Dion (Winner) 1 45 40
Fleurette 1 16 0 Veradaise 1 52 20
Javelin 1 20 50 Nautilus 2 5 12


The turning, reversing, and restarting race caused much amusement. The boats crossed the starting line as usual, but had to turn a complete loop before reaching the next mark boat. They then reversed their engines and went astern to the next mark. The boats next went ahead and passed in and out of four marks, leaving the first on the port hand, the next on the starboard, and so on. On returning to the starting line they had to stop engine and boat behind the starting line, restart by order of the officer of the day, and proceed round the bows of the Enchantress to the finishing line. Javelin was first, Fleurette second, and Quicksilver third.

(Transcribed from the Times of London, Aug. 20, 1906, p. 9. )

[Thanks to Greg Calkins for help in preparing this page. — LF]