1906 Columbia Yacht Club Regatta

Fifth Annual Columbia Yacht Club Regatta

Den Leads Motor Boats

Fifth Annual Columbia Yacht Club Regatta

With conditions most unfavorable to bring out a big entry or to permit fast time the motor boat races of the Columbia Yacht Club brought seventeen of an entry of thirty-six boats to the line yesterday. J. H. Hoadley's Den was to have raced E. J. Schroeder's champion Dixie, but the latter met with a mishap on her way to the club that put her out of it. So Den started against J. D. Rose's Brushby, and led Proctor Smith's Simplex IV, the latter the new Simplex which was launched only two days ago. She had to allow Brushby 2 minutes and 3 seconds, and Simplex nearly as much, but she did it easily. In the lumpy sea, with a good wind blowing, and four turns to make on the eight-knot course, she ran the distance in 25:32 actual time, or at a rate of 19.8 knots an hour.

F. G. Bourne's Colonia took the race for yacht launches with a very fair performance, making nearly fifteen knots, while Paul J. Rainey's Anona beat the Twentieth Century.

In the other classes, which were started in the morning, J. F. Dunsmith's Dossi won on actual time without allowance, J. R. Torrance's Tormary won on corrected time, though beaten by Edgar Scott's Kit, while H. A. Lozier's Beldame won from scratch against a good class. Summaries follow:

Class H & I Start, 12:35 Course 8 knots
Boat Owner Finish Time Cor'd Time
Tormary J. R. Torrance 1:27:00 45:17 22:53
Kit Edgar Scott 1:27:46 32:28 32:28
Nanita II G. P. Stephenson 1:32:53 57:52 37:34
Omeomi G. E. Shaw 1:39:47 58:01 34:31
Dixie A. C. Field Did not start    
Siwaney A. E. Miller Did not start    
Reliance L. Copelson Did not start    
Class A & B Start, 2:15 Course 8 knots
Beldame H. A. Lozier Jr. 2:59:45 44:15 44:15
Lucania Jr W. J. Hewlett Jr. 3:08:30 59:45 53:00
Shawana C. H. Greene 3:11:00 1:07:10 55:30
Marie L. Newman Did not start    
Gazelle W. G. McCord Did not start    
Class C & D Start, 11:35 Course 8 knots
Dossi J. F. Dunsmith 1:19:31 1:43:06 1:33:06
Scat Andradia 1:46:33 2:11:33 2:02:58
Alma II W. N. Rose Did not start    
Nabisco Walter Gunn Did not start    
Knickerbocker Sea Skunks Start, 4:00 Course 4 knots
Yankee W. J. Brainard 4:34:10 34:10  
Classes O, P & Q Start, 4:35 Course 8 knots
Den J. H. Hoadley 4:57:35 25:32 21:47
Brushby J. D. Rose 4:59:55 29:55 24:07
Simplex IV A. D. P. Smith 5:02:07 31:33 26:21
Dixie E. J. Schroeder Did not start    
Classes R, S & T Start, 5:20 Course 8 knots
Colonia F. G. Bourne 6:00:00 34:38 33:38
Anona P. J. Rainey 6:01:35 46:35 35:13
Twentieth Century L. K. Pettie 6:02:20 37:57 36:04
Chum F. K. Lord 6:03:38 5 3:47 47:16
Buddle W. Patkin Did not start    
White Fox W. Ferguson Jr Did not start    
Silver Fox W. Ferguson Sr Did not start    
Josephine G. B. Lesser Did not start    


(Transcribed from the New York Times, June 17, 1906, sec. II p. 11. )

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