1906 Evian Regatta

Evian Regatta

The regatta held at Evian, Switzerland, from August 31 to September 3, did not bring out as many flyers as was expected. In fact, with the exception of La Rapiere, none of the prominent racers were present. The cruiser class, however, brought out Mendelssohn, Calypso and La Lorraine, boats which have performed with great regularity in all the vents of the season. A number of local boats, which have performed previously at Monaco, were also entered, but were outclassed by the former. Great interest was evinced in the performance of Ricochet-Nautilus, that wonderful little gliding boat which has created such a sensation on the other side and which has been described in previous numbers of THE MOTOR BOAT. It was supposed that she would give La Rapiere a hard run for her title as champion, but in the 50 kilometer race La Rapiere won handily in 1:11:29, or at the rate of 26.05 miles per hour, while Ricochet-Nautilus took 1:27:22 for the same distance. This figures out at 21.3 miles per hour, and is still a remarkable speed for such a small boat and so low-powered a motor. Antoinette VII, the other gliding boat, was not tuned up so as to enter the regatta, but it is expected will demonstrate her qualities later in the season.

For the flying kilometer, another event scheduled, La Rapiere took 1 m. 22 s., which figures out at 27.3 statute miles per hour. For the same distance Ricochet-Nautilus took 1 m. 33 s., Calypso and La Lorraine 1 m. 35 s., which shows that the little chap is faster than even the record for the cruisers. The regatta took place during the height of the season at Evian, and the attendance of spectators was very large; but the event was a disappointment in point of entries, and did not come up to the expectations or the deserts of the hard-working promoters.

(Transcribed from The Motor Boat, Oct. 10, 1906, p. 11. )

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