1906 Frontenac Y.C. Handicap Race

Frontenac Y.C. Handicap Race

Ideal racing conditions prevailed Aug. 11 for the handicap race at Frontenac, Thousand Islands, N.Y., under the auspices of the Frontenac Yacht Club. Ten speedy boats were entered for the handsome silver trophy presented by Commodore C. G. Emery, of New York, which becomes the permanent property of the person winning three of the annual races. Only craft of not less than 30 feet water line are eligible for this event, which is held under A.P.B.A. rules.

The course was 21 statute miles, three times around the triangular field. John C. King's Topsy, better known as Simplex III, was a competitor. This boat won the 125-mile run to Poughkeepsie at the Hudson carnival last fall, when the National Association of Engine and Boat Builders held their annual series of races at New York City. Simplex III also showed her heels to competitors last February at the Palm Beach regatta. The boat is owned by Harry Crouse, of Utica, who has rechristened her the What-Next.

So Long II, owned by Geo. Hasbrouck, of New York, winner of several local races this summer on the St. Lawrence, broke her rudder on the second lap and had to drop out of the race. This boat will probably represent the Thousand Islands Yacht Club in the Gold Challenge Cup races at Chippewa Bay. The race was awarded the Jewel, owned by E. S. Burke, with A. B. and W. W. Richardson's TZR in second place, and Kilmer's Vingt-et-Un II third.

Name Start 2nd Round 3rd Round Finish
What-Next 3:00:43 3:32:17 3:52:05 4:07:33
Jewel 3:02:00 3:23:51 3:46:02 4:08:12
TZR 3:08:33 3:29:40 3:49:40 4:10:25
Too Easy 3:12:24 3:39:07 4:00:01 4:22:15
Vagabondia 3:12:25 3:32:34 3:52:36 4:12:47
Canard 3:14:55 3:39:33 4:04:27 4:29:05
Vingt-et-Un II 3:14:53 3:33:26 3:52:19 4:10:56


(Transcribed from Boating, Sep. 1906, pp. 302-304. )

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