1906 Maisons-Lafitte Auto Cup

De Lambert "Hydroplane" Wins "L'auto" Cup At Maisons-Lafitte

The races for the Auto Cup were run off Sunday, October 13, at Maisons-Lafitte, near Paris, and while the entry list was not imposing, the interest was supplied by the winning of the cup by the DeLambert Hydroplane, which was described in THE MOTOR BOAT on July 25, 1906. The only competitor of the Hydroplane was Baron De Cater's Seasick, which made the kilometer at the rate of 31.8 miles per hour at Monaco last Spring. Seasick did not do very well, because she had been stored ashore ever since the Ostend meet and was leaking so badly that she had to stop every little while to bail out and dry the ignition apparatus. The Hydroplane covered the 100 kilometer course in 2:24:56, at a speed of 25.95 miles per hour. Seasick, in spite of her troubles, finished in 2:56:16. There were two other hydroplanes present at the meet, Ricochet-Nautilus and Ricochet II, but both gave up soon after the start because of their motors were put out of order by the flying spray. In the cruiser events, Calypso and Lorraine were absent and Nautilus-Mutel took the race for the class. There were also a number of races for the so-called out-of-the-rules classes, but these did not produce much enthusiasm or interest.

(Transcribed from The Motor Boat, Nov. 10, 1906, p. 23. )

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