1906 Monaco Meet

Monaco Power Boat Regatta

The Power Boat Exhibition opened this year at Monte Carlo on April 1st, and lasted four days. The boats are now being tuned up for the races which begin the 8th and continue until the 15th. The racers are divided into 10 classes and the total entries number 88. While the number of contestants is considerably less than last year, the boats are of a less freakish type and more substantially constructed, and some very interesting racing should result. Last year so many of the boats broke down, burned up or were wrecked that the owners and builders seem to have profited by their experience to the extent of building more seaworthy boats.

A very noticeable feature in connection with the designs, is the fact that all the boats are well decked in; and apparently the lesson learned last year, when many of the racers were obliged to withdraw on account of having shipped a large amount of water, was not forgotten when designing the new boats.

Of the boats show, Antoinette V is perhaps the most interesting. She was built by G. Pitre & Co., for the maker of the engine with which she is equipped. The engine is a 16-cylinder Levavasseur, which is rated at 350-h.p. Calypso also was built by G. Pitre & Co., and has a very business like appearance: A. Cruq is the owner, and the boat has a Mors engine. Mendelssohn was built by Despujols, and is named after her owner: the engine is a Mutel. Nautilus also has a Mutel engine, and was built by Deschamps, and is owned jointly by the builder and M. Blondau. Lorraine was built by Chantiers d'Antibes, engined by De Dietrich, and is owned by M Perignon. Seasick is equipped with a 120-h.p. Itala engine, and was built by Tellier Sons & Gerard: the owner is Baron Pierre Caters.

(Transcribed from Power Boat News, Apr. 7, 1906, pp. 63-66.)

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