1906 Riverton Y.C. Regatta
(Summer Running)

Riverton Y.C. Open Race

The open handicap race held by the Riverton Y.C., Saturday Aug. 4th, had but a small list of entries, and was of interest chiefly on account of the competition of Sparrow which is the Club's Challenger for the Gold Cup of the A.P.B.A., now held by the Chippewa Y.C. in the St. Lawrence River, and to be competed for at that place on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of this month. Sparrow ran a clean, steady race and proved satisfactory to her owner and builders. Try To was a smart little boat, and had she not labored under the undue handicap placed on two-stroke engines, might have finished nearer the front. Capertoon has in previous performances shown better than 20 statute miles, but struggled through the race with a makeshift propeller, her proper one having been broken the day before.

Hooray and Julep, two Delaware River one-design boats, ran fairly even. Julep had mixture troubles, and fell back 50 sec.

Course, 11 statute miles, two sharp turns. Weather calm. Summary:

Boat Owner Start Finish Elapsed Time Speed
Hooray G. M. Wilson 3.30.00 4.32.20 62 m. 20 s. 10.588
Julep G. R. Sullivan 3.30.00 4.33.10 63 m. 10 s. 10.465
Sparrow C. J. Swain 3.49.48 4.29.09 39 m. 21 s. 16.79
Try To Morton Marine Motor Co. 3.52.13 4.36.37 44 m. 24 s. 14.876
Capertoon J. M. Swain 3.57.32 4.40.08 42 m. 36 s. 15.49


(Transcribed from Power Boat News, Aug. 11, 1906, p. 427. )

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