1906 Seattle Fourth of July Regatta

First Motor Boat Regatta Success

Fine Weather Makes Course Ideal for Various Events

Lake Crowded With Boats

Spectators Line Course and Cheer Speeding Craft as They Fly Past

The Fourth of July regatta of the Seattle Motor Boat Club was run yesterday off Leschi Park, Lake Washington, in the presence of a large crowd. The lake was dotted with every description of pleasure craft. Canoes containing pretty girls under bright Japanese parasols, launches crowded to the rail, row boats, sail boat, and lake steamers listing heavily as interested passengers pressed to one side.

Weather conditions were ideal for the events. The lake was like smooth blue silk without a ripple of breeze to retard the racers. There were seven events run, beginning shortly after 2:30 in the afternoon. The entries included every class of power boat and in the two final races, speed boat class, there were some very pretty exhibitions of clever handling.

The long low craft flying past in a smother of foam were cheered heartily as they passed the boats which lined the course. Handsome prizes offered by the clubs were the considerations for the various races.

The principal event of the day was the speed boat handicap running twice around a triangular course of five miles, won by the Areis, owned by the Washington Motor Boat Company. The Mercury entered by Mr. L. Roesch, of the same company, was first over the line, but was disqualified for exceeding her trial speed limit by over two minutes and outclassing herself. The Deiopia, which was third, dropped out on the last led of the triangle second time around, claiming that the Aries cut across her bows.

The free for all, the last event on the program over a course of five miles twice around, was won by the Comet, owned by Louis Roesch, in time 29:50. The Aries, which maintained the lead until near the close was a close second, five-tenths of a second behind.

The preliminary races were all of interest. They were run as follows: First event, won by Mosquito, W. S. Danner, owner; time, 21:44; Myna, owned by C. F. Plimpton, second, and Ion, owned by W. M. Price, third.

Second event: El Rio, C. W. Coleman, owner; time, 23:47 3/5; E. V. Russell, second and S. F. Woody, owner, third.

Third event: won by Zebra, S. M. Milne, owner; time, 26:36 4/5; No Name, P. C. Stoess, owner, second.

Fourth event: run alone by George Budlong in 18:8.

(Transcribed from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 5, 1906, p. 9. )

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