1907 Arachon Regatta

Foreign Notes

The racing meet at Arachon, France, held from September 19th to 21st, brought out several of the well-known racers, which had previously competed at Monaco, among them Panhard-Tellier, La Rapiere and Lorraine-Dietrich. While the times were exceedingly good, no records were broken, nor were the speeds credited at Monaco realized. The course was covered five times, giving a distance of 68 kilometers, and Panhard-Tellier covered the distance in 1 hour, 23 min. and 41 sec., which figures out at slightly over 30 miles per hour. As usual, her running was extremely regular, the variation between the fastest and the slowest round being only 18 seconds. On the same course La Rapiere took 1 hour 28 min. and 24 sec., or a speed of 26.8 miles per hour. Later in the day a flying Mile record was tried for, La Rapiere making the best time -- 3 min. 13 1-5 sec.-- which doesn't figure out at anything remarkable, being equivalent to only 21.24 statute miles per hour.

(Transcribed from The Motor Boat, Oct. 25, 1907, p. 27.)

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