1907 Branger Cup

A Race for Model Motorboats

A race known as the Branger Cup Race for model motorboats, is an annual event in Paris, and last Fall it was held on the lake in the Bois de Boulogne, near the French metropolis. it is estimated that about three thousand people witnessed this interesting spectacle and twenty-two miniature motorboats took part in the competition. The largest model was 1.50 meters in length, or nearly 59 inches. A number of individuals, well known in sporting circles, especially motorboat and automobile enthusiasts, were present at the race.

The event was much like those of previous years; it was very interesting and it was particularly noticed that the greater number of participating boats were driven by electricity. The gliding boat type was represented by a model made by the firm of Lorraine-Dietrich and by the boat Afga. The latter is an exact copy of the form of Santos-Dumont's much-talked-of gliding boat.

The distance for the race was one trip straight across the lake. The winner of the first class (boats not exceeding 0.60 meters or about 23½ inches) was the electric model Jeanette, in 4 minutes and 12 seconds; the electric boat Girard VIII, took second prize, and Miche third place. The winner in the second class (not exceeding a meter or 39 inches) was also an electric model, Eclaire II, in 2 minutes and 41 seconds.

In the third class (boats of not more than 1.50 meters) the winner was Girard VI, with a gasolene motor; time, 3 minutes 19 seconds; Je vais deux, second.

In the gliding boat class, Diabolo-Nautilus and Croix de Lorraine passed over the finish line simultaneously. The Branger Cup, for which the winners of each class were eligible to compete, was won by the gasolene motor model Girard VI; second, Helene.

This race is a novelty, and very great care is exercised in planning the models. They are perfect miniature motorboats, and the owners are proud of the appearance of their craft. The sight, as the little fellows scoot merrily away toward the goal, is a very pretty one. Pictures are published by Das Motor Boot, of Berlin.

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(Transcribed from MotorBoat, Jan. 25, 1908, pp. 22-23. )

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