1907 Buffalo Regatta

Buffalo Launch Club

Buffalo, N.Y— Notwithstanding the high wind which kicked up quite a sea for the small launches to weather, the most successful races of the season were held by the Buffalo Launch Club on July 27, both from the standpoint of number of spectators and number of boats entered. The first race, open to the non-speed boats, open and cabin launches, was for the Buffalo Gasoline Motor Co. trophy, starting from the clubhouse and covering the course of 2½ miles twice. There were 11 starters in this race, and, with the exception of the Wanatah, the scratch boat, which outclassed all the others and came in away in the lead, it proved a good race, and the boats were well bunched at the finish

The speed-boat race of ten miles for the Gerhard Lang trophy brought out a good field of flyers. The Snipe, after passing the limit boats, Dawn and Abe S., was never headed and for the third time this season came home a winner. The Crapaud, W. M. Wattengel, of Tonawanda, finished second, only 25 seconds behind the Snip, while Ralph Sidway, with his Arab II, which started scratch, had made up all but 1 minute and came flying in an easy third. Much disappointment was felt over the withdrawal of the Viper III, Major Glasgow's new racing boat, which started about even with the Arab II.

The summary:

Speed Boats
Boat Owner Start Finish
Snipe Henry Elliott 5:37:01 6:21:40
Crapaud W. M. Wattengel 5:43:46 6:22:05
Arab II  R. Sidway 5:51:50 6:23:25
Dawn  Chas. Alt 5:33:00 6:29:00
Abe S.  A. Houser 5:35:37 6:31:35
Whiz L. Vandervoort 5:46:02 Withdrawn
Viper III J. Glasgow 5:51:20 Withdrawn


(Excerpts transcribed from The Motor Boat, Aug. 10, 1907, p. 32)

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