1907 Gravesend to Cowes Race

Gravesend to Cowes

The race of the British Motor Boat Club from Gravesend to Cowes, a distance of 176 miles, which is the great British long-distance event of the year, was run on June 29, and was won by S. F. Edge's Napier-Major, which covered the distance in 22 hours 57 minutes 25 seconds actual time. F. C. Blake's Temoye was second in 30 hours 15 minutes 56 seconds, and Mawdesley Brooke's Iliku was third. These boats had handicaps as follows: Napier-Major. 7 h. 58 m. 57 s.; Tomoye, 11 h. 24 m. 17 s.; Iliku, 1 h. 35 m. 45 s. The scratch boat was L. M. Waterhouse's Leonid, which did not finish, although far ahead at Dungeness; she withdrew on account of heated bearings.

(Transcribed from The Motor Boat, 10 Aug. 1907, p. 26.)

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