1907 Monroe Michigan Regatta

The Monroe Regatta

by Horace H. Power

The Fourth of July at Monroe Piers was unusually well attended this year and may be put down as one of the largest and most successful of the fresh water race meets. The weather was lighter than usual although there was a fair sailing breeze during the three days. At times it was not very steady and had a habit of shifting to unexpected quarters which favored some of the boats but did not materially affect the results.

The motor boats found the going fine and excellent time was made. Key West made 20.72 miles an hour, losing to Rainmaker on time allowance. P.D.Q. took second money, making 16.6 miles an hour over the 12 knot course. This craft has been attracting considerable attention about Detroit because of her speed. She is equipped with two 15-horsepower four cylinder Scripps motors, coupled tandem, driving a 3-blade 24-inch propeller, with 34 inches pitch over 800 r.p.m. P.D.Q. measures 32 feet 7 inches over all and is a very handsome, reliable craft. She is owned by W. E. Scripps, the engine maker.

In the cruiser class, Wilanna, owned bu Co. C. W. Kotcher, of the Detroit Motor Boat Club, starting from scratch defeated the Canadian turtleback Foam by over two minutes. Her time for 12 knots was 1:03:45. Gray Motor, owned by C. J. Smith of Detroit, won easily in the open launch class, making an excellent performance throughout. In the auto second class, Grayling was the winner.

The officials of the Monroe Y.C. were complimented on all sides because of the manner in which they handled the regatta and the courteous treatment accorded the visiting yachtsmen. Their reputation for whole-souled hospitality is well sustained and acts as a magnet that annually lines the banks of the Raisin River with all sorts and conditions of pleasure craft.

(Excerpts from Boating, August 1907, pp. 39-40. )

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