1907 Netley Regatta

Motor-Boat Racing

The annual regatta of the Motor Yacht Club opened at Netley yesterday in splendid weather. The programme was one of nine events, made up of motor-boat, sailing, and rowing races. The entries were good and about 40 boats took part in the day's sport. The results of the racing were:--

Open Handicap for motor-cruisers. Entries:--

Plelone (Sir Hamilton Freer-Smith) Weenie (Mr. G. Modin)
Napier Major (Mr. S. F. Edge) Wanderer (Mr. Geale Dickson)


Weenie did not start and Plelone gave up. Wanderer's net time was 30min. 59sec., and Napier Major's 32min. 59sec., the former winning by 2min.

Handicap for member's motor-boats. Entries:--

Fleurete (Mr. O. B. Colls) Vega (Mr. M. G. Jessett)
Iris II (Mr. G. F. Knowles) Squirt (Mr. Thomas Winans)
Napier 14 (Mr. S. F. Edge) Chrys (Mr. R. Brickwood)
Defender l (Mr. F. May) Raven (Mr. R. S. Bircham)
Squirt (Mr. A. W. Nicholson) Kismet (Mr. H. G. Verker)
Maudslay (Mr. C. C. Maudslay) Wolseley (Mr. N. M. Robins)
Womerah (Captain Heath) Rita (Mr. J. Day)
Phoebe (Mr. Summers)  


A good race resulted in a win for Chrys, Rita taking second prize.

In the fourth race, Lord Howard de Walden's Daimler II beat Daimler III. The match for club one-design boats produced two starters, Mr. F. P. Armstrong's Solace beating Commander Mansfield Cumming's The Cid by 1-5sec. Mr. C. C. Maudslay's Maudslay won the reversing and turning race, Mr. F. R. S. Bircham's Raven being second.

(Transcribed from the Times of London, Aug. 31, 1907, p. 9)

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