1908 Monaco Regatta

Entries for the Monaco Meeting

Entries For the Monaco Meeting, 1908
Racers--Class I (four cylinders of 155mm. bore or equivalent)
  Name Owner Engine Hull
1. Phalene R. de Soriano Brasier Despujols
2. Labor De Cleve Fiat Despujols
3. La Rapiere Tellier Panhard Tellier et Gerard
4. Scarlet Runner L. M. Waterhouse Hillman-Coatalen Hart, Harden
5. Delahaye-Nautilus X Deschamps-Blondeau Delahaye Deschamps-Blondeau
6. Jacqueline IV M. L. Boudreaux Boudreaux-Verdet -- --
Class II
1. Le Grand Trefle R. de Soriano Brasier Despujols
2. -- -- Le Blon Le Blon Megeret
3. Lorraine Dietrich S.A.R. le duc de Montpensier Lorraine-Dietrich Arbel Perignon
4. Panhard et Levassor Panhard et Levassor Co. Panhard Tellier et Gerard
5. Le Bourbon Du Plessis-Quinquis Mutel Beilvare
6. Wolseley-Siddeley John Siddeley Wolseley Saunders
7. Delahaye-Nautilus IX Comdr. de Thulstrup Delahaye Deschamps-Blondeau
Cruisers -- Class I (one cylinder of 100mm. bore or equivalent)
1. Le SizaireNaudin Sizaire-Naudin Co. Sizaire-Naudin Despujols
2. Le Dalifol Dalifol -- -- Dalifol
3. Motogodille Trouche et Foccard Motogodille Despujols
4. Lanturlu V Jonneau Dion-Bouton Chantiers de la Garonne
5. Madeleine Carseta Zedel Allegrini
6. Zezette Jaillet De Dion Chantiers d'Antibes
7. Robert Audreoli De Dion Allegrini
8. De Dion-Bouton Nautilus Dion-Bouton Co. & Deschamps-Blondeau Dion-Bouton Deschamps- Blondeau
9. Werner-Nautilus Gallier et Sarda Werne Deschamps-Blondeau
10. Auto Gouvemail-Nautilus Deschamps-Blondeau Deschamps-Blondeau  Deschamps-Blondeau
Class II (less than 6 1/2 metres, four cylinders of 90mm. bore or equivalent
1. Mais je vais piquer II Megeret Picker Megeret
2. Lanturlu IV Grenie -- -- Grenie
3. Mors Vicomte de Paris More Despujols
4. Lanturlu III White & Grenie Dion-Bouton Chantiers de la Garonne
5. Leman Megeret Picker Megeret
6. Delahaye-Nautilus VII Grandmont Delahaye Deschamps-Blondeau
7. Nautilus-Mutel I de Larco Mutel Deschamps-Blondeau
8. S.LA.M. Testa S.C.A.T. -- --
9. Excelsior Aster Robert Rigaud Aster Const. Navale du Lac Lemai
10. Avenir Billard Billard Billard
11. Takumono Miall Green Blake Maynard
12. Pionnier II Coninck Peugeot-Tony Huber Coninck
13. Excelsior R. Rigaud Aster Celle
14. Maurice Rene II Bredillard Brasier Despujols
Class III (6½ to 8 metres and four cylinders of 100mm. bore or equivalent)
1. Mais je vais piquer Megeret Picker Megeret
2. Labor II de Cleves Minerva Despujols
3. Le Jab Deville Mutel Despujols
4. Always Ready Harel & Weighe Gnome Pitre (de Coninck)
5. Lanturlu IV Briere Aries Chantiers de la Garonne
6. Louis Rene Comdt. Constaldi Regal Baghetto
7. Mors Ulysse Crucq Mors Pitre
8. Essembi Bresciana Co. Mecca nica-Bresciana Cantiere-Narali Liguri
Class IV (8 to 12 metres (40 ft.), four cylinders of 130mm. bore or equivalent)
1. Mais je vais quand meme Megeret Picker Megeret 9m.
2. Isabelle Gnome Albert Weighe Mercedes Pitre (de Coninck), 9m.
3. Lorraine II Perignon Lorraine-Dietrich Perignon
4. Delahaye-Nautilus VIII Deschamps et Morane & Deschamps-Blondeau Delahaye Deschamps-Blondeau
5. Mors Calypso Crucq Mors Pitre
6. Lala Ronk Baron Lhuillier Delahaye -- --
Class V (12 to 18 metres (60 ft.), four cylinders of 155mm. bore or equivalent. Minimum weight 2,000 kilos)
1. La Lorraine Vedrine Lorraine-Dietrich Chantiers d'Antibes
2. Mapfuy Alfred Bruhl Mercedes Pitre (de Coninck), 14 1/4 m.
3. Lorraine III Perignon Lorraine-Dietrich Coninck


Monaco will be the Mecca for the motorboat enthusiasts of all Europe during the time between April 1 and 13, and an examination of the list of entries will show that this year's meeting should produce some fast ones in her class. And interest, so far as American motorboatists are concerned, centers upon the new British racer Wolseley-Siddeley, which was built for the avowed purpose of regaining, if possible, the British International Trophy, won by Dixie in 1907. Wolseley-Siddeley is up against some fast ones in her class, and by her achievement in Monaco we will be given an opportunity to judge of her capabilities. With her 400-h. motors the British speed marvel should be able to cut a wide swath upon the classic waters of the Mediterranean.

A number of entries in every class warrants the prediction of a successful meeting, and the class of boats which will participate assures excellent results, so far as speed is concerned. The Monaco course was remeasured after last year's meeting, and the published results this year should be more accurate than last.

April 1 and 2 are the days set aside for the Monaco Motorboat Exhibition; the racing will begin on April 6 and will continue until the 13th.

(Transcribed from Motorboat, March 25, 1908, pp. 28, 29.)

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