1908 Oshkosh Power Boat Club Race

Fahrney Trophy

The annual race for the Fahrney Trophy, which was held August 8, 1908, resulted this year in a slight fluke, due to the course being inaccurately measured. The committee discovered the error after the start and endeavored to correct the mistake by handing special instructions to the contestants on the last round, but only one of the five starters properly completed the course. The boats were sent off on their handicaps.

The Fahrney Trophy was raced for first in 1906, and has come to be considered as one of the most important trophies for long-distance racing on the Northwestern inland lakes. Owing to the fact that all the boats but Pioneer, equipped with a 40-h.p. Termaat & Monahan engine, dropped out or failed to comply with the instructions, she was declared the winner; but in justice to the craft it might be mentioned that her showing was excellent throughout.

Distance: 100 miles
Boat Owner Engine Start Finish Miles
Henrietta J. J. Steiger Doman 7.50 a.m. Did not finish 83.3
Gretina C. Roewenkamp Doman 7.38 a.m. Did not finish 83.3
Pioneer W. N. & J. H. Kreuger Termaat & Monahan 9.04 a.m. 7.03.26 100.0
Aderyn W. L. Davis Sterling Did not start    
Badger Queen P. H. Sawyer Doman 9.16 a.m. Did not finish 83.3


(Transcribed from The Rudder, Sep. 1908. p. 164.)

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