1908 Regatta of the M.V.P.B.A. at Muscatine

Regatta of the M.V.P.B.A. at Muscatine

The first annual regatta of the Mississippi Valley Power Boat Association, for which elaborate preparations have been made during the past few months, and which has been looked forward to as the event of the season in this part of the country, is now a thing of the past. This regatta occurred on July 3 and 4. When we say that the races came fully up to the anticipations of the motorboatists along the Mississippi, it means that they were exciting and interesting to the last degree. On July 3 there was one event, the full cabin cruiser race to Davenport and return, Sparks II, Sparks and Viviane III being the contestants. The distance was 56 miles, and Sparks II covered it in 5:22:30, winning first prize; Sparks was second in 5:43:30, while Viviane III's time was 6:40:30.

The rest of the races were run off on the Fourth. The Class B race, for less than full cabin cruisers, over a course of 15 miles, brought out only one starter Duro III, owned by Commodore R. H. Combs, of St. Louis, whose time was 1h. 17m. Class F was a five-mile race for boats 20 feet and under, and Niagara, one of the Muscatine Launch Club fleet, won in 20:36, with Jamie second and Glenn 8 third. Class E was also a five-mile event for 20 to 22-foot boats, and Columbia covered the distance in 30:34 with Dachshund II second.

A unique feature of the meet was a two-mile novelty race, the object being to run continuously over a straight course as slowly as possible, the winner, Iona, taking 1h. 2m. 54s. to cover the two miles. Doodle Bug was second and Water Wagon third. Class D was also run over a five-mile course and was for 22 to 26-foot boats. Teaser won in 17:10, and 8. 8. was second in 18:58. Class C was for 26 to 36-foot boats, which ran over a ten-mile course, and the well known Lamb IV was the winner in 30:40; Red Top came second in 32:35 and Arvilla was third.

The last race of the day was the one which was watched with the keenest interest, as it was for the championship of the Mississippi Valley Power Boat Association. The course was for 20 miles, and Minnie C, owned by E. Corsepius, of Ft. Madison, covered it in the fast time of 47:45, showing an average speed of better than 25 miles an hour. Teaser was second, and Lamb IV third.

Nearly all the Association clubs sent good-sized delegations, both to compete and to view the races. Perhaps the most notable cruise was that of the St. Louis Power Boat Association, from its home city to Muscatine, a distance of nearly 400 miles; there were twelve boats in line. The Thistle, with Melvin E. Trux and Myron Savage on board, was on hand, and created a good deal of interest. Thistle and her crew are making the trip from the head waters of the Mississippi to the Gulf for Motorboat, and, incidentally, Mr. Trux is stirring up the newspaper en-route to create interest in motorboating. Summary of the races:


Class A, full cabin cruisers, Muscatine to Davenport and return--56 miles

Club Boat Start Davenport Finish Time
St. Louis P.B. Sparks II 1:46:30 5:02:15 7:09:00 5:22:30
St. Louis P.B. Sparks 1:46:30 5:16:45 7:30:00 5:43:30
K. L. C. Viviane III 1:46:30 6:17:30 8:27:00 6:40:30
All with perfect engine scores



Class B, Less than full cabin cruisers not eligible in Class A, Course 15 miles, to Fairport and return, 60 per cent on speed, 40 per cent on performance. Duro III, owned by R, H, Combs, St. Louis P.B. Association, had no competitor. Time 1 hour, 17 minutes.

Class F--Twenty-foot boats and under. Course five miles.
Boat Owner Club Time
Niagara F. Schermer Muscatine Lch. Club 20:36 winner
Jamie P. G. Hitch Jr. Ft. Madison Lch. Club 20:52 second
Glen 8 H. F. Barnard Muscatine Lch. Club third
Mary J. S. Smalley Muscatine Lch. Club  
Iris R. C. Lutz Burlington Launch Club  
Viking S. Sregrean Burlington Launch Club  
Wooglin Worrall Dow Davenport Boat Club  
Pippin Ed Lenck Muscatine Launch Club  
Merry Widow Smith & Simpson Davenport Boat Club  
Class E--Twenty to twenty-two-foot boats
Columbia J. E. McClung Muscatine Lch. Club 30:34 winner
Dachshund II A. Grossheim Muscatine Lch. Club second
Novelty race Course two miles    
Iona F. E. Carson Island City Boat Association 1:02:54 winner
Doodle Bug     1:00:00 second
Water Wagon     third
Spray Bishop & Hagerman Muscatine Lch. Club  
Gilfred Julius Goos Davenport Boat Club  
Belina T. W. Bennett Ft. Madison Launch Club  
Pippen Ed Denck Muscatine Launch Club  
Highball C. H. Sandvos Muscatine Launch Club  
Big 4 Walter Molis Muscatine Launch Club  
Glen B H. F. Barnard Muscatine Launch Club  
Dachshund A. Grossheim Muscatine Launch Club  
Class D--Start 1:39:40 Twenty-six to twenty-two-foot boats. Course same as Class F
Teaser J. A. Moritz Quincy M. B. Club 17:10 winner
B. B. Wm. Henzen Davenport Boat Club 18:59 2nd
Star III J. C. Brewster Ft. Madison Lch. Club 22:20 3rd
Spray Bishop & Hagerman Muscatine Launch Club  
Red Boy H. W. Bennett Island City Boat Association  
Slowpoke Edward Brien Island City Boat Association  
[no name?] Ralph McManus    
Doughnut Carl Braun Muscatine Launch Club  
Class C--Thirty-six to twenty-six-foot. Course ten miles
Lamb IV F. B. King Muscatine Lch. Club 30:40 winner
Red Top W. E. Huey Davenport Boat Club 32:35 second
Arvilla B. A. Clayton Davenport Boat Club 37:00 third
Minnie C ]no. Hamilton Burlington Launch Club  
H. & M. James Moeller Davenport Boat Club  
Mercury Wm. Stock St. Louis P. B. Association  
Championship Mississippi Valley Power Boat Association
Minnie C II E. Corsepius Ft. Madison Launch Club 47:45 winner
Teaser J. A. Moritz Quincy M. B. Club 54:45 second
Lamb IV F. B. King Muscatine Launch Club 59:35 third
Red Top W. E. Huey Davenport Boat Club 1:02:15
Marcella W. H. & T. C. Gosch   1:09:30


(Transcribed from MotorBoat, July 10, 1908, p.5)

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