1908 Willamette Motor-Boat Club Regatta

Motorboat Races Today

Over Thirty Entries for Contests Among Speedy River Craft

Lovers of motorboat racing will have their innings this afternoon, for the Motorboat Club will hold one of its regular race meetings. Over 30 entries have been made, and because of the much-talked-of speed of a new boat called the Wolf considerable interest has been added to the races.

The starting place of the races will be at the foot of Ellsworth Street, and the bluffs along the river at that point will be a good place to watch the racers. The course will extend down the river and pass under the Madison and Morrison street bridges. The Brooklyn streetcar will carry passengers close to the starting point. All the boatowners seem to be afraid of the scratch race, and this is the only event that is shy on entries. The owners are waiting to see what their flyers will do in the other events before entering them in the scratch race.

Following is the complete list of entries for all the events:

Alamo, owned by Beeman-Spaulding; Preble, owned by Ted W. Preble; May, owned by J. Michael; Venus, owned by Fred W. Herman; Shell Lake, owned by J. T. Dillon; Judge, owned by George J. Kelly; Sport, owned by G. R. Phillips; Sunny Jim, owned by Edgar Stone; Silver Heels, owned by Allan Burdick; Alta, owned by Harry Siegfried; Laddie, owned by Dr. C. E. Walker; Mercedes, owned by Henry Larsen; Lonesome, owned by R. H. Jameson; Flirt, owned by Lacey; Vixen, owned by John Wolff, The Wolf; owned by John E. Wolff; Floedha, owned by E. J. Ammer; Honey Boy, owned by R. S. Carroll; Sappho, owned by W. V. Spencer; Van, owned by B. VanDatta; Kitty, owned by Charles B. Mathiot.

(Transcribed from the Morning Oregonian, June 21, 1908, p. 6)

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