1909 Cathlamet Regatta

Motorboats Race Monday

Try-Outs to be Held Tomorrow, So Classification May Be Made

At the meeting of the board of directors of the Willamette Motorboat Club, Wednesday night, it was decided to issue an order that all boats to be entered in the races Monday must try-out on the river not later than Sunday afternoon, and that as many boats as possible must be tried out Saturday. This move was made in order to avoid confusion in classifying the contesting craft on the afternoon of the races.

It was practically decided that the races will be held on the Willamette below the Steel Bridge. Spectators will be enabled to view the races on this course from the east bank of the river, and will not find it necessary to endanger their lives by crowding on the bridges.

F. C. Cox, secretary of the Astoria Motorboat Club, has written to Commodore Kelly, of the Willamette Motorboat Club, that the entire motorboat fleet will cruise to Portland next Sunday to be in attendance here at the Labor day races, the cruise to start Sunday morning from Cathlamet, where races will be held Saturday. The Willamette Motorboat Club expects to be represented at Cathlamet by about six boats, which will also join the cruise back to Portland Sunday morning.

Monday night after the races, there will be a reception and buffet luncheon at the Willamette Motorboat Club for the visitors.

(Transcribed from the Morning Oregonian, Sep. 3, 1909, p. 7.)

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