1909 Colusa Water Carnival

Watersports at Colusa, Cal.

COLUSA, CAL. — The Colusa Water Carnival was a pronounced success, and the motorboat races on June 19 were an important feature. This event drew thirty-five boats from the Sacramento Boat Club, a distance of 125 miles. The races, although held at Colusa, were under the direction of the Sacramento Boat Club. The first event was a special race between the Pirate and the Fawn, over a five-mile course, which Fawn won in 34:10.

Next came a race between the J.E.S., Eclypse and Pearl, distance five miles. Pearl won in 38:12, Eclypse second and J.E.S. third.

Race for semi-speed boats, entries Winsome, Laf-a-Lot and Seagull; distance 7½ miles. Seagull did not start. Winsome won in 37:21.

Special race for boats of 6 hp. And under, distance 2½ miles: 1. Fawn, 14:30, Pirate, second. Konnou, Emma and E.F.G. were the other contestants.

Ten-mile race for speed boats — One of the most exciting contests of the day — four entries: Reynolds Flyer, Nunes Bros., Blanche W. and Three Links. Reynolds Flyer won in 35:41, with Nunes Bros, second, Blanche W third, and Three Links fourth.

Free-for-all race, 2½ miles, seven entries: Marathon, Vallejo, Buffalo, Liberty, Wanderer, Leona, Merry Widow, Corsair. Won by Marathon, time 17:05; second, Buffalo; third, Corsair; fourth, Liberty; fifth, Merry Widow. An illuminated parade was held in the evening, when Marathon, Capt. Paul Butler, of the Vallejo Boat Club, won the prize for best decorated boat. Second prize went to Eclypse, Captain Schoenbackler, of Sacramento Motor Boat Club.

(Transcribed from MotorBoat, July 10, 1909, p. 49)

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