1909 Mordialloc Cup

Interesting Race at Melbourne, Australia

The blue ribbon of Australian motorboating is the Mordialloc Cup, the trophy of the Victorian Motor Boat Club, at Melbourne, Australia. The races this year were the occasion of much interest and conjecture, as last year’s cup winner, Milo was again entered. Of the ten boats which started in the race the main interest was centered about Syd Darby’s Gadfly and W. C. Oxley’s Katie B, which won the preliminary race earlier this year. Gadfly had a start of 13 ½ minutes on Katie B and did not drop a second all the way. She forged ahead and won comfortably by 10 minutes from Sunbeam which was second. Milo, winner of last year’s cup, came in a close third. Gadfly made the distance of 13 ½ miles in 55 minutes and 31 seconds, the fastest time for the race and a record time for the cup. Both Gadfly and Milo are equipped with Ferro engines.

(Transcribed from MotorBoat, Sep. 10, 1909, p. 16)

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