1910 British Motor Boat Club Regatta

British Motor Boat Club Regatta [1]

The British Motor Boat Club opened its regatta at Lowescroft on Saturday in ideal conditions.

In a handicap for cabin cruisers two of the four starters had sails—namely, Mr. Oswald Colls’s Xebec and Mr. Edison Williamson’s Bunyip. The other boats were:--Braemar, Mr. G. Paxton, jun.; Miele, Mr. O. Gregg-Carr. Xebec won on time allowance, with Braemar, Miele, and Bunyip in the order named. The course was 12.6 sea miles.

The race for motor-boats brought out five starters—namely, Petrol, Mr. S. Walton; Umbazi, Mr. V. D. Wilcock; Klinka, Mr. W. Hartridge; Sea Angler, Mr. J. W. Brooke; and Mouse, Mr. H. Hollingsworth. Petrol was the winner on time allowance, Umbazi being second and Sea Angler third.

The race for motor-boats not exceeding 30-ft., for the Brooke Trophy, was a match between Mr. E. Atkinson-Smith’s Etukishook and Mr. D. Hepworth’s Tyreless. Etukishook had an allowance of 27min. 23sec. and she beat Tyreless by over 8min.

The chief race of the day was a handicap for motor-boats exceeding 12 knots. The distance was 13 sea miles, and the finishing times after deducting time allowanced were:--

Mr. Mawdsley Brooke’s Baby V 4hr. 31min. 39sec.
Mr. J. H. Bell’s Ixia 4hr. 32min. 6sec.
Mr. F. Gordon Pratt’s Tyreless II 4hr. 32min. 33sec.
Mr. Atkinson-Smith’s Etukishook 4hr. 32min. 54sec.
Mr. D. Hepworth’s Tyreless and Mr. C. Manuell’s Ouest also competed.


(Transcribed from the Times of London, Sep. 5, 1910, p. 14.)

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