1910 Decoration Day Races

Motor Boats to Race

Contests On Today For Five Trophy Cups

Wolff II and Happy Heinie Will Traverse Eight-Mile Course Between Oaks and Oswego

Everything is in readiness for the motorboat races this afternoon under the auspices of the Portland Motorboat Club at the Oaks, for the five trophy cups donated by John F. Cordray, manager of the park.

The races will begin at 1 o’clock from the Oaks, and the course lies up the river to near Oswego and return, a distance of about eight miles for two of the races and a four-mile race in the three other events.

In the class A, which is a free-for-all event, the boats entered will undoubtedly have a keen contest. The Happy Heinie and the Wolff II, between which there is much rivalry, are capable of a speed of over 30 miles an hour, and the owner of each is anxious to win the largest of the Oaks cups, which is the trophy for this event.

In the cruiser race, the Mountain Maid, owned by Ray King, and the Kitty II will contest.

In the 28-foot class, there is much rivalry between the Red Arrow and the Happy Heinie and these two craft are looking forward to putting up a great struggle.

C. Rober, C. W. Boost and James Mackie will be judges at the finish; Dr. Ferdinand Dammasch, official starter; L. M. Myers, official timer. Mr. Myers will have a corps of assistants.

The regatta committee is composed of J. Mathiot, J. Scareth, J. F. Kable, L. M. Myers and George Kinnear. E. Ryan will be inspector of turns. The committee requests that all boats not competing keep off the course. Any boat entered in the race and not reporting for its number a half hour before the races start will not be allowed to enter. The entries are:

(Transcribed from the Morning Oregonian, May 30, 1910, p. 16)

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