1910 Hudson River Yacht Racing Association Regatta

The Annual Regatta at Ossining

The Results of the Sixth Annual Regatta of the Hudson River Yacht Racing Association

Emerson, of Peoria Fame, Although Finally Disabled, Again Demonstrates Her Speed.

The sixth annual regatta of the Hudson River Yacht Racing Association was held on Labor Day off the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club, at Ossining. Both in the number of starters and in the number and enthusiasm of the spectators, this year’s event was by far the most successful in the history of the organization.

The course was a triangular one of five statute miles and in the nine events for motor boats nearly a hundred speeders took part, representing many of the clubs along the Hudson River.

Four boats finished in the first event which was for those of a rating of 70 and over, and was over a 20-mile course. The boats finished in the following order: Emerson, 44:03; Drisco (scratch), 55:36; Elmer I., 55:38; Gunfire II, 56:25; but the corrected times gave the race to Gunfire.

The second race was for boats under 70 rating for the same distance and six contestants finished as follows: Artful, 59:11; Comet III, 1:03:37; Alta, 1:12:35; Sea Robin, 1:24:46; Adroit, 1:47:20; and after deducting the handicaps it was found that Artful had won the first place.

The next race, over a ten-mile course, was for cabin boats of over 45 rating. The time allowances … gave the race to Foxy Quiller by a five-minute margin.

In the ten-mile race for the Jos. R. Ellicott Cup, Emerson, Drisco (scratch), Gunfire II and Elmer L. finished in the order named, and Gunfire II was awarded the trophy.

"The last event of the day was the twenty-mile free-for-all, all boats up to 40 ft. in length. Gunfire II withdrew and Emerson met with an accident, forcing her also to discontinue. Elmer L. finished in 56:56, thereby winning from Courier III.

(Excerpts transcribed from MotorBoating, October, 1910, p. 33.)

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