1910 Labor Day Regatta (Louisville)

September Races at Louisville

By Charles C. Swearingen

The Labor Day Regatta under the auspices of the Louisville Motorboat Club, was an interesting event, not only to the two dozen motorboat owners who entered their craft in the speed contest, to also thousands of spectators who lined the banks of the Ohio. The weather was clear. Following the races Idlewild III, owned by Capt. Paul Hesser, of Cincinnati, and conceded to be a very fast boat, ran against time and finished the 15-mile course in 31:26. In the first race, the Goebric was awarded the Bourne and Bond prize; in the second race the Vet was awarded a stop watch; in the third race Comet captured a set of Thermos bottles, while the fourth race went to Little Captain, which received the Jeffersonville Trophy.

The time made by Idlewild III is the fastest made by a motorboat over the local club course. Idler and Idlewild Jr. came to Louisville from Cincinnati and took part in the regatta. Pinkney Varble and John B. Hutchings were judges of the contest, and Helm Walker was official timer. The members of the club were gratified at the interest shown in the regatta. Summaries follow:

First Race—Once around triangular course, about two miles, for boats making 8 miles an hour or less: One, Goibric, H. E. Montague, time, 16:02; two, Rex, Robert Hulbert; three, Dr. Finck, Captain William Devan; four, Scioto, H. C. Korfhage.

Second Race—Once around course; five miles; for boats making 12 miles an hour or less; One, Vet, J. H. McManus, time, 25:02; two, Itsa, Charles L. Niman; three, Lillian R., Meehan and Grenier; four, Coyote, Thomas Batman, Jr

Third Race—Twice around course, 10 miles; for boats making 16 miles an hour or less; One, Comet, C. S. Gilbert, time, 46:00; two, Gipsy II, Weber Bros. In this race the Flo and the Idler broke down after the first lap.

Fourth Race—Three times around course, 15 miles; for boats making over 16 miles an hour; One, Little Captain, James E. Howard, time, 41:03; two, Idler Harry Parish; three, Eclipse, Fairbanks, Morse & Co.; four, Vivace, Ed M. Hughes; five, Hobo, Robert Schoolfield; six, Vim, Campbell Bros.; seven, Laura Jean, Knight and Phelps; eight, Tribs, Clarence E. Walker, and Idlewild Jr., Paul H. Hesser.

[Transcribed from MotorBoat, Sep. 25, 1910, p. 44.]

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