1910 Louisville Motor Boat Club Regatta

Regatta of the Louisville Motor Boat Club

The first annual regatta of the Louisville Motor Boat Club, which had been postponed from July 4th, was held July 16th. The most spectacular event was the fifteen mile race. The time made by the Laura Jean in this event was the fastest ever made here, and the boat covered the course in 52 minutes 25 seconds. Although the Little Captain, the former won the time prize, the Jefferson cup and the Lorch prize, as well as the Michigan speed wheel offered as second prize in the fourth race. In view of the fact that because of the high water the river was considered by experts as being fully five minutes slower on a fifteen mile run than it was last year, the time made by the Laura Jean is considered exceptional.

Although the events were the first held since the organization of the club, there was not a hitch to mar the sport and everything moved off smoothly.

The summary:

First Race—Once around course, about two miles, for boats making 8 miles an hour or less: First, Adeline, 14:50, Julius Kemp; second, Lexington, 15:45, Lexington Motorboat Company; third, Scioto, H. C. Korfhage; fourth, Emelia M., Chester Gall; fifth, Oriole, J. H. Benner; sixth, Drop, George Droppelman; seventh, Moose, C. M. Raphun; eighth, Cotytto, A. G. Unglaub.

The Oriole and Adeline finished faster than the Emeline M., but the latter won the time prize, the barret cup, which can only be won by a member of the club.

Second Race—Only one entry, the cruiser Marjorie, owned by Lee Bernheim. She had a sailover.

Third Race—Twice around course, 10 miles; boats making eight to twelve miles an hour: First, Dr. B., 52:48, Dr. Butler; second, Esther, James E. Howard; third, Idler, Dr. Allen Voiers; fourth, Jimmie, H. J. Waner; fifth, Lillian R., Meehan and Greiner; sixth, Billy, John H. Dawson; seventh, Itasa, C. G. Niman; eighth, Soubrette, Hughes Moore.

Dr. B., the winner, wins the prize cup. Esther won a storage battery, and Idler took a whistle for third prize. The latter boat also won the Barret cup as the time prize.

Fourth Race—15 miles; three times around the course; boats making over twelve miles an hour.

First, Little Captain, 57:32, James E. Howard; second, Laura Jean, 52:25, Phelps and Knight; third, Marse Henry, 59:07, Wright Bros.; fourth, Flo, 1:02:27. Thurman and Schilling; fifth, Hobo, 57:44, Mr. Schoofield.

Another regatta has been planned by the Louisville Motor Boat Club for August 20th. Since the handicap events on July 21st a great deal of interest has developed in racing boats and a number of challenges have been passed between owners. At a recent meeting of the club preliminary arrangements for the coming meet were perfected. Already two races have been decided upon, and one or two others may be arranged before the date set for the regatta. The first race will be between Flo, owned by Thurman & Schilling, and Mick, owned by Alvin Nicholson. Both boats are capable of making 15 miles an hour. The second contest will have five entries, as follows: Vivace, owned by E. M. Hughes; Laura Jean, owned by Phelps & Knight; Eclipse, owned by Whallen Bros., and Little Captain, owned by James E. Howard. There will be no handicaps or time allowance in either of the races. The boats entered in the second races all belong to the 20-mile-an-hour class.

The third regatta to be conducted under the auspices of the club will be run on Labor Day, and several speed boats that will compete in the Cincinnati meet are expected to enter; among them Hoosier Boy. A number of Louisville boats will enter the big regatta at Cincinnati on August 27th.

(Transcribed from MotorBoat, Aug. 10, 1910, p. 54)

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