1910 Magnolia Races

Magnolia Races, Great Success

With more vim than has heretofore characterized the Magnolia Beach carnival, the seventh of the carnival events was held the afternoon and evening of August 20. There were great boat races, canoe races, swimming races and a windup in a beautiful night parade of lighted boats.

Among the boats there were the usual run of hard luck tales and boats that should have won failed to make good and those that ought not to have come out in the lead seemed to do so. Marana, in the cruiser class, won easily from other contestants in the seven-mile race. Those entering this race were Marana, Rhoda Grace, Narada, Siren and Bud. The Marana allowed the Rhoda Grace a handicap of 4 minutes and 4 seconds, with Narada and Bud 5 minutes 17 seconds. It looked to be the Bud’s race, all things considered, but the unexpected happened. Skipper Lomansey does not say but it is understood to be a flooded cylinder and Bud lost out. The Rhoda Grace with her Hallin engine, came pumping in second place.

In the speed boat line it is understood that after the race was over some dissatisfaction was expressed with the handicap, but this was not until after the race was over and so nothing was said. The active ones in this race were Pirate, Dr. Scott, Lolabama, E.C. Hadley and Zelma, Chas Metsker. The Pirate was bothered with a slip in the engine at a critical moment and before her crew could remedy the difficulty she was out of the running.

In this race the course covered a distance of seven miles. Zelma was given a handicap over Pirate of 4 minutes 37 seconds and Lolabama 2 minutes.

The following tables give an idea of the boats and races.

Speed Boat Class


Cruiser Races

[Transcribed from The Western Yacht and Launchman, September 15, 1910, pp. 2, 3.]

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