1910 Monaco Regatta

The Monaco Motor-Boat Races [1]

From Our Correspondent

PARIS , April 4

To-day was the first day of actual racing among the motor-boats at Monaco. Owing to a deluge of rain, however, some of the races had to be postponed till to-morrow morning.

The races consisted of the qualifying heats of the Omnium race. The boats of each class were sent around the course, a distance of 6¼ kilometers, the winner of each heat qualifying for the final. The single-cylinder, or dinghy class was started at 3 o’clock, and the event resulted in an easy win for Sizaire-Naudin, whose time was 13min. 5sec.; speed, 14.6 knots. Next came the 6½-metre racing cruisers fitted with four-cylinder engines of 90mm. Bore. The start was a bad one, only the winner, a hydroplane named Gregoire VIII getting over close on gunfire. She won easily, her time being 9min. 5sec., and her speed 22.2 knots. Gregoire VII took second place—9min. 52sec.; and Mais-je-vais-Piquer third.

In the 6½ to 8 metres class there was a splendid neck-and-neck race between Gallinari Spa and Excelsior XIV. The former just won, the times being 10min. 31sec. and 10min. 34sec. The last race of the day for the restricted racer class produced seven starters, five of which were hydroplanes. The winner, Brasier Despujols, fitted with a Grans Prix Brasier engine, completed the course in 6min. 19sec.; speed, 32.2 knots Duc II, another hydroplane with a similar motor of 155 h.p., averaged 29.3 knots, her time being 6min. 45sec.

(Transcribed from the Times of London, Apr. 5, 1910, p. 12.)

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