1910 Motor Yacht Club September Regatta

Motor Yacht Club Regatta [1]

The Motor Yacht Club’s September Regatta was opened at Southampton yesterday. The weather was fine and the water smooth.

Much interest was taken in the contest for skimmers, for the conditions were more favourable to planning than on any previous day this season. Four vessels of the type were entered to race over a course of about twelve nautical miles, but only three—Sir John Thornycroft’s Miranda IV, Lord Howard de Walden’s Pierrette, and Mrs. Edgar Thornton’s Columbine—put in an appearance. Columbine before the start broke a propeller blade and retired to her moorings. Miranda IV allowed Pierrette six minutes 35 seconds, and beat her by 54 seconds in addition to the allowance.

A handicap for all comers was won by White Spray, owned by Mr. Douglas Hall, M.P., and a handicap for boats of less than 20 knots speed by Captain Wilson’s Marguerite. White Spray is the hull of Daimler II, with a Daimler engine of 70-horse power. The regatta is to be continued to-day.

[Transcribed from the Times of London, Sep. 3, 1910, p. 17.]

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