1910 Southampton Regatta

Motor-Yacht Club

A tournament handicap was run off in Southampton Water on Saturday under the control of the Motor Yacht Club. Eight boats were entered—namely Baron von Buch’s Lady Betty, Lord Harwicke’s Glisseuse, Captain Pearce’s Tempest, Mr. H. N. Corsellis’s Genesta, Commander Mansfield Cumming’s and Mr. E. Manville’s Comely, Lord Hardwicke’s Baroness, Mr. F. E. Foster’s Blue Bird, and Mr. E. Manville’s M.E.M.

The vessels were drawn in pairs under a sealed handicap in the first round. Lady Betty sailed over in the absence of Glisseuse, and Baroness in the absence of Comely. Tempest beat Genesta, and M.E.M. beat Blue Bird. In the next round the time allowances were based on the records of the earlier heats. Lady Betty beat Baroness, and M.E.M. beat Tempest. The time allowance in the final was based on the speeds of the immediately preceding heats. Lady Betty won easily, M.E.M. having engine trouble almost from start to finish.

(Transcribed from the Times of London, July 4, 1910, p. 17.)

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