1910 Wilsonville Regatta

Motor Boats Race

Wilsonville Meet Proves Genuine Success

Score Of Craft Take Trip

Portland Fleet, Commanded by Commodore C. W. Boost, Enjoys Hospitality of Up-River City

Handsome Trophies Won

With a score or more representative craft competing, the motor-boat races at Wilsonville yesterday proved a real success. The cruise of the Portland Motor Boat Club fleet to that city was one of the features that will long remain in the memory of the members of the club that participated. Almost all the Portland Motor Boat Club fleet had been on cruises as far as Oregon City before, but had never been through the Oregon City locks.

Wilsonville is 25 miles above Portland, on the Willamette River. Twenty-five motor boats were in the fleet, with Commodore C. W. Boost in command, assisted by vice-commodore George Kinnear. All the members of the Portland Motor Boat Club and their friends were loud in their praise of the hospitality shown them by the citizens of Wilsonville. The reception given them was one of the grandest ever enjoyed by the club members while on a cruise.

Five handsome silver cups were the trophies for which the races were held. All of the cups were won by members of the Portland Motor Boat Club fleet. The most handsome of the these cups was the trophy donated by the Farmers’ Bank of Wilsonville. The other cups were the W. S. Flynn cup, the Joe Michaels cup, and two cups donated by the citizens of Wilsonville.

The races were won by the following boats:

The judges were: W. S. Flynn and J. H. Thornton, of Wilsonville, and Commodore C. W. Boost and Vice-Commodore George Kinnear, of the Portland Motor Boat Club. The timers were L. Meyers and H. L. Scarth, of Portland. The fleet left Wilsonville at 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, and arrived at Portland about 8 P.M.

(Transcribed from the Morning Oregonian, May 2, 1910, p. 17.)

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