1911 APBA Gold Cup

Dixie IV Wins Easily

Cup Defender Beats Poor Field of Motor Boats for Golf Cup

FRONTENAC, N.Y., Aug 8.—The Dixie IV, representing the Frontenac Yacht Club, defender of the Gold Challenge Cup this year, easily won the opening event here this afternoon in the Gold Challenge Cup races of the American Power Boat Association. Dixie IV’s four-bladed double propellers were hitting only 850 of the 1,100 revolutions a minute of which they are capable, the race became a procession after the first lap of seven miles, with the result, barring accidents, a matter of no doubt. A choppy sea prevailed in which the newest creation in motor yacht racing circles behaved in a way that augurs well for America’s Association. Although the swift craft’s chances in the Harmsworth Cup races later in the month.

The Dixie IV was lowered into the water only sixteen minutes before the starting gun, after hours of work over her strut. Frederick Burnham at the wheel was caught down the river too far and the Dixie got away more than two minutes behind the Skipper, representing the Chippewa Bay Yacht Club. Inside of the first seven miles, however, the Dixie secured the lead. The Hornet, representing the Syracuse Yacht Club, and the Wasp, representing the Thousand Islands Yacht Club, encountered engine trouble and withdrew. The Dixie covered the twenty-eight miles in 49:45—slow time on account of her not being pressed. The Skipper finished second. The Mit II, representing the Thousand Islands Yacht Club, was third.

(Transcribed from the New York Times, Aug. 9, 1911, p. 6.)

{There is no mistake in the sub-heading, the Times actually did print "Golf Cup" – GWC}

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