1914 St. Augustine Power Boat Club Regatta / Southern Championship / Handicaps


St. Augustine Power Boat Club Regatta
March 30-April 4 2½ Knot Course
Matanzas Bay 15-25 Knot Heats
St. Augustine, Fla. 45-50 Knot Races


  Entry Owner Heat
1. Hydro-Bullet Earl Deakin  
2. Wisconsin Kid Frank Brock  
3. Jane S. J. Dunbar Wright  
4. Impudence IV E.E. Ramey  
5. Greyhound George Gingras  
6. Impudence Jr. George Call  


March 30-April 1 20 Foot Class 45 Knot Race
( All three heats in this class were won by Wisconsin Kid the former Oregon Kid. Wisconsin Kid was 20 feet long and was powered by 100 horsepower Wisconsin engine. France Brock driver. )


March 31-April 3,4 26 Foot Class 45 Knot Race
( All three heats in this class were won by Hydro-Bullet powered by a 200 horsepower, 8 cylinder Van Blerck engine. Greyhound placed second in the first heat. Wisconsin Kid DNF. Impudence Jr. placed second in the second heat, Hydro-Bullet turned the first heat at 40.1 m.p.h. and the second heat at 43.013 m.p.h, Earl Deakin driver.)


April 3,4 Southern Championship 50 Knot Race
( Both heats of this race were won by Jane S. a 32 by 6 foot runabout powered by a 6 cylinder Sterling engine. Hydro-Bullet was second in both heats while Impudence Jr. placed third in the second heat. Jane S. ran the second heat at 22.722 m.p.h. Hydro-Bullet placed second at 39.523 m.p.h. Impudence Jr. was third at 17.302. The race was run under a handicap system thus Jane S. won both heats. Oscar Iwanoski was at the wheel of Jane S. )


( On March 31 Hydro Bullet won the handicap race. She repeated this triumph on April 1 with Jane S. placing second and Wisconsin Kid failing to finish. On April 4 Impudence Jr won the handicap event. )


[Statistics from Greene, V.1]