1921 Detroit Trophy

The Detroit Trophy Race

In the race for the Detroit Trophy, presented by Mayor Couzens of Detroit, Miss Chicago, Baby Sure Cure, owned by P. Strassburg, and Miss Belle Isle II, were the contenders, the latter running only the second day. Baby Sure Cure won the first heat, Miss Chicago the second and third heats. Baby Sure Cure turned turtle, taking one of the turns in the second heat, and qualified her owner and mechanician for the Hydro Helldivers Association, the former sustaining three broken ribs. Miss Belle Isle cut some buoys and was disqualified. The results were:

In the mile trials, on August 31, Sheldon Clark established a record for single-engined boats when he drove Miss Chicago over the course 6 times, with and against the current, at the rate of 70.95 miles. Miss America, with double the power, did not equal her record of last year and could only hang up 74.87 miles per hour.

Detroit Trophy
First Heat
Boat, Owner and Club 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th nth Elapsed Time
Baby Sure Cure, P. Strassburg, D. B. C 5:03.2 4:49.3 4:53.1 4:51.9 6:03.6 4:59.2 30:40.3
Miss Chicago, Chicago Y. C. Syndicate 5:00.8 4:49.5 4:53.5 4:52.6 6:51.3 8:41.8 35:09.4
Second Heat
Miss Chicago 5:45.7 6:58:6 5:16.9 5:29.7 5:35.6 5:27.7 34:04.3
*Miss Belle Isle II, M. Shippicasse, D.Y.C 5:55.8 6:02.3 5:30.2 5:26.2 5:21.5 5:36.7 33:52.3
Baby Sure Cure Did not finish          
Third Heat
Miss Chicago 9:33.1 10:29.2         20:02.3


(Reprinted from Yachting, October 1921, pp.167-170, 195)