1921 Sallan Trophy

The Cruiser Races

After the scarcity of boats in the speed events it was a pleasure to see the fleets in the cruiser and express cruiser races. The race for the Sallan Trophy brought 21 starters to the line (it was for boats of no more than 17 miles speed) and the winner of the three 25-mile heats turned up in Two P. M., owned by Commodore C. D. Cutting. Four boats turned up for the express cruiser race for the Great Lakes Trophy. Miss Liberty II, a 62-footer, owned by Humphrey Birge of Buffalo, finished first with an average of 23.18 miles per hour, after a hot race with Commodore Kotcher's Betty M, the Sea Horse being third.

(Reprinted from Yachting, October 1921, pp.167-170, 195)