1923 Detroit Sweepstakes
Gold Cup Class Participation


Detroit Sweepstakes
Gold Cup Class Participation
September 3 3 Mile Course
Detroit River 150 Mile Heat
Detroit, Michigan 150 Mile Race


  No. Entry Owner Comp. Lap
1. T-5 Adieu III Webb Jay  
2. T-7 Janet Virginia II Walter Plummer  
3. T-30 Miss Packard Jesse Vincent  
4. T-31 Packard Chriscraft II Jesse Vincent  
5. T-32 Packard Chriscraft III Jesse Vincent  
6. T-33 Snap Shot II John Stroh  
7. T-34 Bruin Gar Wood  
8. T-35 Teddy Gar Wood  
9. T-41 Musketeer II Horace Dodge  
10. T-42 Bear Cat VI J. Mccarthy  
11. T-43 Greyhound Jr. Paul Strassburg  
12. T-52 Curtiss Nick Nack Humphrey Birge  
13. W-3 ? Baby Gar II Gar Wood  
14. G-47 Curtiss Baby Gar Jr. Gar Wood  
15. G-50 Baby June George Hall  
16. G-70 Rainbow III Harry Greening  


  Heat One Driver Speed
1. Teddy George Wood 50.070
2. Packard Chriscraft II Jesse Vincent 48.450
3. Packard Chriscraft III Caleb Bragg 44.020
4. Rainbow III Harry Greening 41.000
5. Curtiss Baby Gar Jr. Lou Wood 40.010
6. Baby Gar II Charles Chapman 37.080
7. Bear Cat Vi J. Mccarthy 35.040
8. Baby June George Hall 30.020
9. Adieu Webb Jay D.N.F.
10. Miss Packard Joe Boyer D.N.F.
11. Snap Shot II John Stroh D.N.F.
12. Bruin Phil Wood D.N.F.
13. Greyhound Jr. Paul Strassburg D.N.F.
14. Curtiss Nick Nack Fritz Ericson D.N.F.


The win of Teddy was protested in that she did not run all 150 miles of the race with her hatch covers on. Ultimately she was confirmed the winner since the rules were deemed be ambiguous or improperly explained. Nevertheless the deciding committee resigned en masse due to the actions of Gar Wood in interfering with the judges in their conduct of the race.

[Statistics from Greene, V.1]