1925 Detroit Sweepstakes - Gold Cup Class Participation

Detroit 150-Mile Sweepstakes

Fast Time Made at Detroit Regatta

Packard Chriscraft II Wins 150-mile Sweepstakes

In spite of the fact that Detroit did not have the Gold Cup to race for this year, the big three days' regatta held by the Detroit yachtsmen was just as successful as the races held on the Detroit River in other years, and proved just as popular with contestants and spectators alike.

The big race of the series, which was wisely reserved for the last event on the program, was the 150-mile Sweepstakes Race, an endurance contest of the first magnitude. Ten boats started in this event, but after the first few laps it was seen that the race had narrowed down between Packard Chriscraft II and Baby Horace III, a new Crouch-designed Bier. Miss Detroit VII would have had a chance had she not gone out on the sixth lap. Packard Chriscraft, driven by Col. J. G. Vincent, won the event at an average speed for the 150 miles of 55.65 miles per hour. Baby Horace III finished only 12 seconds behind her, making nearly the same speed over the long course. Lady Cleveland, owned by J. H. MacDowell, was third, the only other boat to finish the long race. After the race, Packard Chriscraft ran an extra lap of three miles at a rate of 59.4 miles an hour.

The highest speed made during the regatta was in the Governor's Trophy Race and was made by Miss America III. She averaged 57.7 miles per hour for the entire race and her best lap was at the rate of 63.9 miles, which, it may be said, is considerably below her maximum speed.

(Reprinted from Yachting, October 1925, pp.49, 69)