1925 Detroit Yacht Club Development Trophy - Gold Cup Class

Detroit Yacht Club Challenge Cup

The two other events for high speed boats were those for the Detroit Yacht Club Challenge Cup, which was won by Nuisance, owned by Mrs D. D. Cromwell, and the race for the Chriscraft boats. J. Potter in No. 18 won the first heat of this latter event and W. A. Kittle, driving No. 29, won the second and third heats.

* * *

They are always strong on cruiser races at Detroit and this year was no exception. The Sallan Trophy Race brought out a fleet of twenty-nine boats to race over three heats of 25 nautical miles each. The winner turned up in Speejax, owned by C. D. Cutting, with 141 points, while Jean A, owned by W. E. Adams, was second with 139.

The Motor Yacht Trophy Race proved easy for F. S. Salter's Miss Marilyn II, which took all three heats. It was over a 25-mile course and Miss Marilyn's best average speed for any of the heats was 23.7 miles per hour. She was powered with two six-cylinder Hall-Scott engines.

Then there was a special Kermath Trophy Race, the prize being put up by Jack Farr, open to all Kermath-powered cruisers. There were fifteen starters, and while Henrietta III made the best time over the course, Scott Matthews in his Matthews-38 was lucky on the draw and got the winning ticket.

The Main Sheet Trophy for outboard motor boats was run in three divisions, the prize going to the contestant making the best time for two miles of the race. A flashy little craft owned by Lloyd Helton, and named Wayward, won in Classes A and C, and took the Main Sheet Trophy. She made the remarkable speed of 13.02 miles per hour.

(Reprinted from Yachting, October 1925, pp.49, 69)