1929 APBA Gold Cup


APBA Gold Cup
August 24 3 Mile Course
Navesink River 30 Mile Heats
Red Bank, New Jersey 90 Mile Race


  No. Entry Owner Comp. Lap Race
1. G-11 Jersey Lightning Gerald Holbrook    
2. G-14 Imp (2) Richard Hoyt 51.965 48.405
3. G-17 Scotty Sam Dunsford   42.128
4. G-19 Miss Los Angeles James Talbot    


  Heat One Driver Points Speed
1. Imp Richard Hoyt 400 50.490
2. Scotty Sam Dunsford 361 49.993
3. Miss Los Angeles Ralph Snoddy 324 48.639
4. Jersey Lightning Fred Farwell Dnf  
  Heat Two Driver Points Speed
1. Imp Richard Hoyt 400 46.574
2. Scotty Sam Dunsford 361 45.874
3. Jersey Lightning Fred Farwell 324 43.134
4. Miss Los Angeles Ralph Snoddy Dnf  
  Heat Three Driver Points Speed
1. Imp Richard Hoyt 400 48.924
2. Jersey Lightning Fred Farwell 361 44.122
3. Scotty Sam Dunsford 324 34.001


  Recapitulation Heat 1 Heat 2 Cum. Heat 3 Total
1. Imp 400 400 800 400 1200
2. Scotty 361 361 722 324 1046
3. Jersey Lightning DNF 324 324 361 685
4. Miss Los Angeles 324 DNF 324 DNS 324


* * *

Free For All
August 24 15 Mile Race


  Entry Owner Comp. Lap
1. Carenaught Roy Keyes  
2. Curtiss Wilgold III Roy Keyes  
3. Buckeye II Gibson Bradfield  
4. Imp IV Phil James  
5. Rascal Pierre Proal  
6. Snap Sea H. Alexander  


  Heat One Driver Speed
1. Curtiss Wilgold III H.W. Flickenger 47.627
2. Rascal Pierre Proal 44.506
3. Buckeye II Gibson Bradfield 42.020
4. Snap Sea H. Alexander 38.944
5. Carenaught Roy Keyes  
6. Imp IV Phil James  


( As mentioned earlier hydroplanes were readmitted to the Gold Cup for the 1928 race. Even though owners were on notice for over a year, very few boats were built for the 1928 contest i.e. Miss Los Angeles which competed for the Harmsworth Trophy and Rainbow VI. The displacement craft in existence were not anxious to compete against the new Gold Cup hydroplanes.

The 1927 race was won by Greenwich Folly. However the Indian Harbor Yacht Club which staged the Gold Cup after its Greenwich Folly had won the 1926 race at New York was not interested in staging the 1928 regatta since it was primarily a sailing club. Thus the Gold Cup reverted to the Columbia Yacht Club, the Yacht Club of the second place entry.

The Hudson River, the original site for the Gold Cup in 1904, was not suitable since it was usually too full of debris for racing. The site of the Gold Cup for the 1915, 1925 and 1926 regattas was Manhasset Bay on Long Island, but was not chosen perhaps due to the fact that it was primarily available only to spectators with boats. As a result Red Bank, New Jersey was chosen as the site of the race when a partnership was entered into between the Columbia Yacht Club and the Red Bank Yacht Club.)

[Statistics from Greene, V.1]