1934 Delaware River Gold Cup

Emancipator 3rd Wins

Near Mishaps Mark Regatta at Torresdale

Restless Goes Into Tail Spin Thrilling Spectators, But Rights and Finishes Safely

Flora III Has Motor Trouble and Is Unable to Defend Wanamaker Trophy in Delaware River Meeting

Two near-mishaps featured the speedboat regatta on the Delaware River at Torresdale yesterday afternoon as two of the river's classic trophies were at stake in the races. Ferd S. Carter's Restless, 26-foot Chriscraft from Ventnor, which last week smashed two world's records at Essington, went into a tail-spin in the Gold Cup race and nearly rolled over as thousands of spectators at the Pleasant Hill bathing beach gasped. The boat threw her occupants around, but righted herself and finished safely.

The mishap cost Restless the famous Delaware River Gold Cup, for that prize went to a 14-foot hydroplane, Emancipator III, new boat this year.

Flora III, owned by William J. McCahan, 3d, of Villanova and Ocean City, had motor trouble when her oil pump went bad and she, broke a rod and. was unable to defend the John Wanamaker, Jr., trophy in the other feature of the regatta.

Hi Hatter VI, owned and driven by John E. Stiles, of Philadelphia, a little 16-foot Gar Wood type runabout, won the Wanamaker trophy, open only to members of the home club.

The races were features of a big afternoon of speed boat racing of the Delaware River Yacht Club at its quarters at Torresdale. It was the third regatta of the circuit on the Delaware. The events had the sanction of the South Jersey Speedboat Association and were approved by the A. P. B. A. Today the scene shifts to the Quaker City Y. C. at Tacony for the fourth and closing regatta of the circuit.

Emancipator III Wins in Upset

Victory of Emancipator III, a hydroplane, for the Gold Cup, was an outstanding upset of the regatta, for Carter won it last year, and was anxious to defend the laurels. His craft Restless set two world's records, at Essington a week ago.

In previous year the trophy was won twice by John G. Shibe’s Miss Philadelphia and once by Louisa, John Wanamaker, Jr.'s, Gold Cup racer. Neither Shibe nor Wanamaker had an entry yesterday.

Restless and Emancipator III had enjoyed a nip and tuck battle in the free-for-all, which was over a ten-mile course. On the early laps Emancipator III gained much ground on the straightaways but was unable to get around the turns with the pep and skill that the veteran Carter brought the Restless around, and coming out of the turns the boats were on even terms. It was on the final lap, when good turns by Restless meant victory or defeat for the classic Gold Cup, that Carter tossed the boat around the lower buoy at almost top speed. Eye witnesses said that he was too close to Emancipator and had to slow down, throwing the boat into a tail spin, which almost capsized her.

Mrs. Carter Injured

Mrs. Mae Carter, wife and mechanic for Ferd Carter, the skipper of the Restless, suffered slight injuries to her left hand and right shoulder when the Restless went into her tail spin at the lower turn. The mishap occurred in full view of thousands of persons at the Pleasant Hill bathing beach as the Restless and Emancipator III sought to round the buoy at once.

Restless was on the verge of capsizing and for a time it appeared that her crew would be thrown into the Delaware. However, she came out of the spin with a jerk, tossing her crew about, and resumed the race. By that time, however, the Emancipator III was on her way up the river, having gained almost — a quarter mile lead on the Restless, and despite a game final rally Carter was unable to gain on the speeding hydroplane.

First-aid treatment was given to Mrs. Carter after the finish, but she pluckily stated that she would ride in the boat in the races at the Quaker City Yacht Club today.

Emancipator made the ten-mile course in 14 minutes, 32 seconds, a speed of 41.30 miles per hour, the best of the day. Hy-Hatter's time for the Wanamaker trophy was 20.05, or a speed of 29.84 miles per hour.

Emancipator III was driven by Gene Apel, of Atlantic City, in the free-for-all, with Auerbach as mechanic.

Earlier in the day Emancipator III was the victim of her sister ship an older boat, Emancipator in the 125-cubic-inch hydroplane class, when Emancipator II, with Apel at the wheel, beat the new boat, driven by Auerbach, in both heats for a perfect score.

Hahn Still Leads in Point Contest
Fred Hahn increased his lead in the point standing for the special point trophy in the speedboat circuit on the Delaware River, in the Torresdale races yesterday. Hahn's total is now 5075 points, against Len Bailey, 3729; F. S. Carter, 3500; Gene Apel, 3000; S. Mortimer Auerbach, 1900; John E. Stiles, 1807; Bob Snadecki, 1400; Bud Hempstead, 1100; E. Powers, 694; Frank Schwartz, 569; Gallagher, 455; Jordan, 320, and Haurin, 225.

The trophy will be awarded tonight after the final regatta of the circuit at the Quaker City Yacht Club, Tacony. Toflay's complete the total.


Restless Double Winner

Restless, too, was double winner in the runabout class H-I, winning both heats in rather handy fashion for a perfect score. It was in the first heat of the H-I event that McCahan's Flora III, a 26-foot Chriscraft, had her trouble. Her oil pump went bad on the second lap and she broke a rod, putting her out of the regatta. It was her first appearance since last Labor Day, when she raced at Ocean City. Blue Pigeon III, a 17-foot boat from Westover, Va.. owned and driven by 19-year-old Bob Snadecki, was winner in the runabouts classes E-F-G, taking both heats, The little craft jumped and bobbed around the course in both heats at a speed better than 35 miles per hour in both races.

(Reprinted from Philadelphia Inquirer, June 24. 1934)