1934 Lake Tahoe Handicap

Handicap Race on Lake Tahoe

Stanley Dollar Jr.'s Baby Skipalong won the inboard handicap race held on Lake Tahoe, Sunday, August 5, in conjunction with the Chambers' Lodge Outboard Regatta. Seven high-powered craft were entered, two of which started from scratch, the balance crossing the line at their given starting times. After two laps which saw the boats in parade formation surrounding the entire course, four of the craft bunched on the last turn before the home stretch, with Dollar's Skipalong skirting the edge as he sped for the line.

A near accident was averted when Kendrick changed the course of Rapp's Chris Craft, almost swamping the ship, as the field piled into the last turn. Straightening her out, he followed in the wake of the three boats which had rounded the marker almost as one.

The checkered flag was dropped in rapid succession as first Baby Skipalong crossed the line, followed by Miss Barbara Townsend's Kanigo, Henry Kaiser Jr.'s, Jr. III, J. Carroll Skinner's Florence M driven by Mrs. Skinner, and John G. Rapp's Chris Craft driven by Chas. Kendrick. Then came Fred Kehlet's Effie Moon and Henry Kaiser's Bess, driven by Mrs. Kaiser.

Commodore Townsend of the Tahoe Power Boat Club was responsible for figuring the handicap times, John G. Rapp of San Francisco acted as announcer, and Commissioner E. G. Petherick of San Francisco was starter.

—Myrtle Cummings

(Reprinted from ?, October 1934)